What to do in Tokyo this week? (July 30 – August 5)

Get excited with sports, eat dumplings to your heart’s content, have a little fright and enjoy the Japanese traditional dances all in the same week!

2018-07-30   Festivals & Events, Tokyo,

Baseball and Fireworks ! (July 31, August 1, August 2)

Enjoy baseball and fireworks at the same time. (Source: Official Website)

During the summer holidays, you can enjoy fireworks after the end of the second half of the fifth inning of each Yakult Swallows baseball game! Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan, so it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the crazy atmosphere with a special taste of summer.

Games this week are July 31, August 1, August 2, but all games played until September 2 will provide such fireworks.

Place:Meiji Jingu Stadium

Official website: Tokyo Yakult Swallows

Access:5mn on foot from Gaienmae Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)

Gyoza Expo (until August 9)

Discover new gyoza tastes. (Source: https://www.fashion-press.net)

Attention dumplings lovers. At Gyoza-paku (Gyoza expo), you can taste gyozas provided by 10 different shops coming from all over the country. Have fun comparing the all-time classics and more exotic tastes!

Place: Diver City Tokyo Plaza

Official Website: Diver City Tokyo

Access: 3mn on foot from Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line)

Horror Ferris Wheel (until September 2)

There is no escape. (Source: Official Facebook Page)

In Japan there is a tradition to tell ghosts stories during the summer, and ghosts-related events pop here and there. This time you can ride a haunted Ferris wheel! Ghosts will appear on the windows by projection and you will hear terrifying sounds in special headphones.

Place: The Ferris Wheel at Tokyo Odaiba Palette Town (Until September 2)

Official Website (Japanese Only): Horror Ferris Wheel

Access: Just next to the Yurikamome Line Aomi Station

Nakameguro Natsu Matsuri (Sat. August 4, Sun. August 5)

Another chance to see Awa-Odori (source: https://tokyobling.wordpress.com)

This matsuri is great because you can enjoy two different dance parades during the two days. On Saturday, more than 1200 dancers will perform the worlwide famous Awa-Odori dance (starts at 5:30pm). On Sunday the same amount of people will perform Yosakoi dance (also starts at 5:30 pm).

Official Website (Japanese Only): Nakameguro Natsu Matsuri

Access: The streets around Nakameguro Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Tokyu- toyoko Line)

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