Fantastic scenery at one of Japan's main hot springs. Catch a special moment at “Lake Kinrin”
Relax at "Yufuin", the land of hot springs engulfed by nature. Yufuin, Oita, is a hot spring are
Travel back to old Tokyo and enjoy a ride along the Toden Arakawa Line while taking stops along the way.
Enjoy the view of old-town streetscapes as you ride a rare streetcar in Tokyo. Have you ever see
A gathering of popular POP cultures. Go to “Moshi Moshi Nippon” Festival!!
A grand festival where you can enjoy the whole Japanese culture. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be there t
Bursting with the charm of Saitama and anime, "The 2nd annual Saitama Anime & Manga Festival" will be held in 2014!
All the charm of anime and manga, gathered in Saitama! Bigger and better than last year! The Sa
It's a beautiful city wherever you go!
A high awareness for recycling is beautifying our neighborhood. When I first came to Japan, some
The momentous, 100th article has been posted.
Tadaima Japan has finally reached its 1st milestone with the posting of our 100th article. We will
Let's listen to the “voices of the insects” and enjoy Japan's rich nature and soul.
■The Japanese feel that insects, also have a “voice.” As autumn draws near, you can start to hea
They neatly form a line, especially when it's crowded.
We stand in line, it’s not because we like doing it but this is manner Every morning in the larg
Enjoy a fun day on the train with “Ekiben,” a railway boxed meal.
There are a large variety of Ekiben available all around Japan. When you think of a trip on a tr
September 8 is Harvest Moon. Let’s look up into the night sky and enjoy the moon.
For now, the forecast says it will be sunny in all parts of the country. There is a tradition t
Beyond Words: Nude Friendship at the Bathhouse.
If you want to catch a glimpse of daily life in Japan, visit a bathhouse! In older day Japan, m
“Otsukimi,” appreciate and pray to the beautiful moon in autumn for a good harvest.
On a cool autumn night, look up to the sky and appreciate the beautiful moon. Autumn is the best
Food: A Classic Japanese Beauty Treatment
Create beauty from within by eating! What kind of beauty treatments do you have in your country?
Let’s find “Kawaii” on “Takeshita Street” in Harajuku
model/left:Rinata、right:Rinana Worldwide Japanese fashion originated here. When asked, “Where is t
Not just for cooling off - learn how to conduct yourself beautifully using a Japanese folding fan,“Sensu”.
扇子 / Yakinik Imperfection as the essence of beauty Many people may think of the folding fan as

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