Interacting with “wild deer” in Nara.
Be careful when feeding the deer with deer crackers! A large number of tourists visit the city
The advantage is that anyone can join in so, everyone, let's dance!
The Bon Dance is a deep, meaningful dance that is performed in a variety of ways depending upon th
"Obon" is a regular midsummer event for families to welcome and hold a memorial service for the spirits of their ancestors.
During obon, it is extremely crowded anywhere you go in Japan! Every year, for the few days befo
Reduce the temperature by two degrees just by sprinkling water? A traditional piece of cooling wisdom.
“Uchimizu,” an environmentally friendly method for spending the hot summer more comfortably. Wh
I recently visited “ART AQUARIUM”, where live goldfish dance about artistically within a world of light and images!
This is underwater art through which you can cool off and experience the beauty of Japan with all
You can enjoy an invigorating workout with the local children. “Radio Broadcast Calisthenics”
How about waking up early and joining a local radio exercise class to invigorate yourself? The
“Niku-jaga”, The flavor of a Japanese Mother’s cooking.
If you can cook this, you’ll be very popular among Japanese men. Niku-jaga, which literally mea
“Hitsumabushi”, A local eel dish of Nagoya city eaten in 3 different steps
Recommended for the hot summer! Become a master on Japan through Nagoya's local specialties! Hi
”Watermelon splitting”, a popular game in Japan
Can you split a watermelon with a stick blindfolded? During summers in Japan, watermelon is a f
A beautiful surprise when opening a lunch box, “Chara-ben” is too pretty to eat!
it's me Mario! / MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・) A beautiful surprise when opening a Japanese lunch box.
“Sanja Matsuri”, a festival with over 1300 years of history celebrated in Tokyo’s famous Asakusa district.
Asakusa’s 3 most popular days of the year when people get crazy! When asked, “What’s the mo
Purify your mind at a Zen temple: A stay at Rokuo-in
Our temple offers accommodation exclusively for women, so you can feel comfortable staying even on
How many unique flavors have the famous Japanese popsicles been offered in?
Wow! Now that’s a special flavor! Japan’s popular “Gari Gari Kun” popsicles are available at mo
The energetic “Tenjin Festival” was held this summer
We have covered “Tenjin Festival” at Osaka Tenmangu “Osaka Tenmangu” where Tenjin Festival
Let's pay a visit to Ise Jingū(Ise Grand Shrine) Naikū(Inner Shrine) section
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 Kotai Jingū(Naikū)," where "Amaterasu-ōmikami," the ultimate ujigami(Shi

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