Founded 230 years ago. "The oldest cheap sweets-store in Japan", loved by many from children to adults
Built in the middle of the Tokyo, it has an old-fashioned, retro scenery In your country, is the
They go well with alcohol and with sweets – the healthy “edamame” (green soybeans) are now popular all over the world!
“Beer and edamame” are the quintessential combination of the Japanese summer. Can you find "edam
It's so much more than just convenient! The Japanese convenience store is always evolving.
You can buy that at a convenience store?! It's just like the food at a fancy restaurant. Desserts
Scoop and slurp! Nagashi Somen.
Just scoop up and slurp down the noodles as they flow towards you on the slide!
The shaved ice flavored with green tea syrup and decorated with red beans paste and rice cakes, “Akafuku-gohri”
“Akafuku-mochi” which is made as decorations for the shaved ice is on the “Akafuku-gohri” In th
As summer comes to a close, cool down in the city of stone, ''The Ohya Underground Stone Quarry''.
This enormous underground space made of rock is like like an enormous refrigerator. 30 minu
The event of eating Sanma which tells you that the autumn is coming. ”Sanma Festival in Meguro”
The event of eating fresh Sanma (Cololabis saira) in Tokyo for free We feel that the autumn is
“Shoji”, produced out of the culture and wisdom of Japan, is made from paper and wood.
Illuminated by the sun during the day and by lights during the night, Shoji will lighten a room up
The amazingly, lifelike “Kiryu Mechanical Doll Show.” Come and watch traditional mechanical dolls performing right in front of your eyes.
Our mechanical dolls are so expressive that you would almost think they are alive. We present a va
“katori-Senko,” a necessity for summers in Japan and a great souvenir.
Enjoy the summertime with an original product of Japan to protect yourself from mosquitos. Duri
Future Nagaoka Fireworks to Light Up Sky Over Pearl Harbor
One of Japan's most famous fireworks festivals will be held in Hawaii as offering for world peace
Rainwater showers upon an active volcano, taking 50 years to become beautiful, delicious spring water at “Shirakawa Spring”
You can take this clean, delicious water home with you! Japan is a country that is greatly abun
The refreshing sound of the Wind Chimes in Japan
In Japan, people often listen to the peaceful melodies of wind chimes to sooth their mind and help t
Interacting with “wild deer” in Nara.
Be careful when feeding the deer with deer crackers! A large number of tourists visit the city
The advantage is that anyone can join in so, everyone, let's dance!
The Bon Dance is a deep, meaningful dance that is performed in a variety of ways depending upon th

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