Things to do in Chugoku, Japan

IGUSA guest house in Hayashima, Okayama Pref. that is related to the material for making tatami mat.
Hi everyone, this is Minakuchi, the chief editor of COMINCA TIMES. Today, I would like you to intr
Make your first visit to “Izumo Taisha Shrine,” the location of Japan’s most famous matchmaking God
The oldest Shrine in Japan. Okuni-nishi-no kami is a deity of matchmaking and is ensh
A regular dog on a regular walk part four, in “Izumo-taisha, Inasanohama, and Sakaiminato”
We decided to go on a trip to our hometown in Okayama prefecture. Uncle Goro drove the car.
A regular dog on a regular walk part seven, in “Kibitsu Shrine”
We went back to my hometown with our baby who was born last year, and decided to visit Kibitsu
“Kawara Soba,” the regional cuisine you definitely want to try when you visit Yamaguchi Prefecture
A clue about the unique cooking method is that it stems from battle Let me introduce a uniqu
It is said that eating "fugu" brings good fortune.
Fugu is loved in Japan to the point that there is a special detoxifying license for it. There ar