Things to do in Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido Shinkansen began operation! The reason why you should visit Hokkaido and Tohoku
・We visited the Tohoku and Hokkaido’s sightseeing symposium!・It’s the best Hanami location!・Speaking
Events for February
Festivals before spring! Events for early February.
Wed, 3rd February: Honjo-ji Temple’s Oni Dance in Sanjo city, Niigata Prefecture The 3rd of Febru
I had ramem in Otaru, Hokkaido at the “Shodai” ramen shop.
Hokkaido is the land of Ramen! Sapporo is the most famous city for ramen in Hokkaido and the thre
"Sculpturing Nature." The Most Beautiful Park in Japan Created By Isamu Noguchi
The Combination of Environmental Improvement and Art Moerenuma Park is located in the city of Sap
I had Hokkaido’s specialty, “Genghis Khan,” a Japanese mutton and vegetable dish!
Look out for the red lantern! A favorite local restaurant called “Fukuroutei” “Genghis Khan” is a
Please Try “Kaisendon,” a sashimi rice bowl full of Hokkaido’s seafood!
The Landmark of Sapporo City Every morning, fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish are sold at the
It’s like a small European town in Japan, a day trip to ”Otaru” in Hokkaido 
Otaru has Hokkaido’s version of Wall street. Located close to Sapporo station, and easy t
A mysterious world! The wildflower fields and wild animals of “Notsuke Peninsula” and a sand peninsula that is in constant flux
A stark world stretches along all 26 kilometers of Japan’s longest sand spit Is there anyo
You can enjoy sightseeing in Sapporo into the late night hours! “Wafugeino,” Japanese cultural entertainment starting soon!
It’s good for overnight tourists who want to enjoy Japanese culture into the late night. Sapporo