Things to do in Okinawa, Japan

Featured article: Pray at the UNESCO World Heritage site Sefa-utaki, inherited from Ryukyu Kingdom.
What is Sefa Utaki? Sefa-utaki is in Nangi city, Okinawa. Utaki is a sacred space that surround
cat walking the street
A pilgrimage to “Kudakajima Island” in Okinawa, said to be the closest to Niraikanai, a paradise across the ocean.
20 minutes away from mainland Okinawa by ferry, it’s where Okinawa starts. Kudakajima Island
Another ‘side’ of Hateruma Island can be seen from "Takanazaki" Point
Feel the kindness and harshness of nature. Having previously introduced Hateruma Island’s beaut
Let's go to Japan's southernmost Island Hateruma. It’s where the beautiful “Hateruma blue”sparkles!
Nishihama Beach, the greatest attraction on Hateruma Island Look at the blue sky, white sand, a
Stretched out before you, the crystal clear seas and coral reefs of Kabira Bay
These are gradations of emerald green, so beautiful they will take your breath away. Kabira Bay i