Things to do in Tokyo, Japan

[GINZA, Tokyo]New Tea Ceremony Room “GINZA CHAZEN” to Open on Oct. 8 for Foreign Tourists
New Tea Ceremony Room "GINZA CHAZEN" to Open on Oct. 8 for Foreign Tourists TOKYO, Oct. 5, 2015 CH
The Kyu-Furukawa gardens
Let’s hang out at the Rose festival during autumn at the “Kyu-Furukawa Garden”!
Every year the “Autumn Rose Festival” is held Every year the Kyu-Furukawa gardens hold its “Rose
The Edo period’s fast food
You can eat the same kind of fast food that Samurai used to eat from the Edo period! The Japanese tavern, “Miyatogawa” is now open in Edogawa-bashi!
Have some freshly prepared cuisine that samurai used to love! As you already might know, Tokyo is
My favorite "Soba shop" in Asakusa! Go there, it’s the best!
Try traditional Japanese cuisine Asakusa is one of the most famous places for sightseeing in Japa
A masterpiece of landscape gardens in Japan. The cool urban oasis, ”Shinjuku Gyoen”
Let’s go to the parallel world of bustling Shinjuku! Shinjuku is one of the busiest areas in Japan
Chushu kangensai
Resonating eternal tones beneath a full autumn moon: Hie Shrine's “Mid-autumn Kangen Festival” The thrill of Gagaku sounds, while admiring the still composure of t
Events held for dining on sanma will tell you that autumn is coming. ”Sanma Festival in Meguro”
A free event for dining on fresh sanma (Cololabis saira) in Tokyo August is coming to an end. It
Ueno Ameyoko
Enjoy Japanese street food at "Ameyoko", a popular destination in Ueno.“Hama-chan”
What’s Ameyoko? Let me tell you a bit about Ameyoko. It’s a shopping street that is about 400m lo
Akita Dining and “Namahage”
Taste local countryside cuisine at an old Japanese house-style restaurant in Ginza!
You no longer have to travel 4 hours to the north to eat Akita’s local specialties! You can taste th
book store
“Kanda Jimbo-cho”the town to find rare books is also secretly known as a town of gourmet food.
A treasure box of rare old books. The ‘book town’ of Kanda Jimbo-cho. Do you like reading? I
These cats bring fortune! More than 1,000 figures of “Beckoning cats” in Gotokuji Temple!
Why is it raising its hand? The mystery of the beckoning cat. Have you ever seen this figure of a
Inside the cat cafe.
The Neko-café in Tokyo, where you can have cats ‘n’ coffee! A fun time with the comic duo of the Montblancs!
“Toco Toco T.V.,” a French T.V. Program that introduces Japanese culture! Toco Toco T.V. is a Frenc
Make a wish to the stars! Enjoy the Tanabata festival at“Kanda-myojin Shrine”, where the God of matchmaking is enshrined! July 7th
Tanabata is a romantic story from the twinkling night sky. There is a custom in Japan on July 7th
Try out a public bath in Kagurazaka(Tokyo), located in an old red-light district!
Kagurazaka has Edo-period nostalgia! Shinjuku, in the middle of big city Tokyo, is where you’ll f
It’s the most festive day in Asakusa and Ueno, ”Shitamachi Tanabata Festival”
Tanabata is the custom of writing your wish on Tanzaku. We have the custom named Tanabata on July