Things to do in Tokyo, Japan

The beginning of Japanese roads starts here at "Nihonbashi" in Tokyo.
Nihonbashi, where Japanese roads begin. Nihonbashi (literally, Nihon-bridge) is one of the most fam
Tadaima Japan hosted a 2nd Event, A Workshop for making multifaceted Edo glass!
I had previously wrote an article about Multifaceted Edo Kiriko and actually made one, but this time
Transform yourself into a Japanese lady with an Antique Kimono!
”Kimono” is Japan’s world-class traditional culture Kimono makes Japanese women more beautiful.
Foreign visitors can’t help but to say, “Wow!” at the futuristic vending machine, Acure. A report on Acure’s PR event!
This vending machine can even decipher your demographic! Acure has new revolutionary f
Gather ye rosebud while you may! A spiritual place where you can pray for romance called, “Tokyo Daijingu.”
The shrine for romance, connecting hearts, and giving happiness… Men and women of al
Hidden Cafes in the Alleys of Asakusa
There is a shopping area full of sweets and souvenir shops on a street called Nakamise street in A
An exotic town called "Jiyugaoka" that will make you ask: "Is this Japan?"
Get away from the typical tourists spots, and rediscover Japan.
You can go boating right in the middle of Tokyo!
It’s Tokyo’s Oasis where you want to visit on a sunny day 1 minute walk from JR Iida
The café culture of Japan is limitless! Enjoy a futuristic teatime with robots in the Robi Café, open for a limited time!
The charming robot Robi's café There are actually various types of cafés in Japan. From m
Hurry before they’re gone! The crispy skin and hot stewed adzuki bean jam is the specialty of “Nezu no Taiyaki”
How about dropping by on your way to the Yanaka Ginza shopping district? “Nezu no Taiyak
”Kimekomi dolls,” the wooden dolls with beautifully pleated Japanese costumes.
These Japanese dolls are dressed in really beautiful Kimonos. Do you know how to put clothes
Nostalgia in Tokyo: Let’s walk around the "Yanaka Ginza" shopping street!
Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the town. Yanaka Ginza shopping district is located withi
The magical technique of ”Multifaceted Edo glass” turns glass into art
Shining glass products from tableware to ornaments are loved by people all over the wor
Great nature is just 1 hour away from Shinjuku! Enjoy a day trip hiking at “Mt. Takaosan”
We hiked Mt. Takaosan during the winter! Taking a train crowded with people who go to school and wo