Editor / Writer
“My dream is that Tadaima Japan will make more people want to come to Japan. I want to introduce the beautiful Japan in which I was born. I like fingernail art!”
Writer/ Translator
I love Japanese folkcraft article, traditional handicrafts and antiques. I’m seeking the Japanese people’s religious outlooks and its origins that are behind Japanese people’s unique sense and techniques rooted in the ordinary life.
Writer / Translator
I’m a freelance translator from Tokyo who likes to travel right in the middle of the unpredictables in life. Through the translation of articles I hope to create points of contact between Japan and the rest of the world. As a writer, I want to add information that isn’t in the guide book, from a “wasabi” perspective!
I’m an example of a female ninja (kunoichi) who came from Shanghai, China. I want to present interesting articles about Japan to the whole world!
Editor / Writer
I’m from Mie Prefecture, and a big fan of Yomiuri Giants, Japanese baseball team! I rarely stay at home every weekend, and love to go outside. I feel Japanese locals and the world will be connected soon! I’m trying to make a fun world!
I have experience studying abroad in Germany and traveled 17 countries before. Love Korean food, Love Astronaut, Love Croatia. I will send everyone exciting information of Japan! Enjoy it!
“I live in Saitama prefecture and I love watching movies, driving, and Japan. I want to be the type of person who smiles and says ‘Okaeri’ to anyone who says ‘Tadaima!’ It will be victorious!”
Hi, I am Koume. I’m originally from Fukuoka and currently living in Tokyo. I have lived in Australia, the Philippines, and Cambodia for several years. Through my life abroad, I have rediscovered the beauty of Japan. I hope my articles will be a helpful resource for both Japanese and foreign visitors.
Writer / Translator
I love travelling and tourists! Where to next? Wherever it is, I hope to find a good onsen (hot spring bath), delicious drinks, and friendly people. I enjoy telling Japanese stories in English, and it fills my life with plenty of learning opportunities!
Chief Editor
“It makes me happy to see people smile because of something that I created. It’s my mission to see this site grow into something that will make people around the world smile.”
Kenichiro Asai
I’m a wanderer who suddenly found himself working as a writer. I normally teach junior high school students at a preparatory school.
writer/ translator
Born and raised in Tokyo. A legitimate “Edokko” or Tokyoite. I love wandering and experiencing unusual things. Japan is where I was born and raised, but it’s still full of mystery to me. I’d like to share some of my endeavors with you.
miho mayeda
I politely introduce my beloved country of Japan in my beloved Japanese language. I am an artisan with words, and will give my body and soul to the end. I am a freelance editor and writer who was born and raised in Tokyo.
miki iwai
I love Japanese traditional culture and travelling all over Japan. I also like to see Noh performances, doing calligraphy, and reading/making Japanese poems called “Tanka.” Through writing, I’d like to introduce a unique culture that only exists in Japan.
I’m a freelance filmmaker who was born in Tochigi prefecture. I like the Southeast Asian subculture. I’d like to present information that will make the people of the world want to visit Japan.
I've started the Hakata City Walk business for foreign tourists since 2015 in Fukuoka prefecture. My dream is to transmit the appeals of Fukuoka and Kyushu where richly endowed with nature, history and culture to the world.
Writer/ Translator
I spent 19 years of my life in Japan before I moved to Brisbane and stayed there for 1 year. Today, I live in California. I'd love to try to rediscover and redefine my home country, and discuss with the dearest readers in the rest of the world.
This article uses an article site [COMINCA TIMES] to introduce initiatives that utilize the old houses of Japan.
I'm from Chiba Prefecture. I'm a travel lover and an advisor of Bioclimate! Despite of my appearance, I'm a quite active girl who loves surfing, doing yoga and running! I'd like to introduce Japan from my girly point of view!
Writer / Translator
Introducing... Just another poor college student living in Japan! My passion for music and nature drives me to live every day to the fullest. Ask me about Shimane and my favorite local shops in Tokyo!
Hiker / Campers
I like mountains. I like to walk in the mountains, sleep in the mountains, and to glide over snowy mountains. I’d like to introduce the incredible mountains and seasons of Japan to the world.
toco toco T.V. is a French T.V. program where a Japanese guest introduces his/her favorite place in Japan. Tadaima Japan is collaborating with Toco Toco T.V. and will pick up some of their programs from now on.
Hideki Motosue
I was born in Fukuoka prefecture and raised in Wakayama prefecture. I’m a lover of pork ramen and umeboshi and a freelance designer. I command the 'foot soldiers' at Tadaima Japan.
I’m not satisfied until my feet are completely sore when I travel! I don't have particular preferences or strong opinions, but I can tell you about the best parts of Tokyo that haven’t yet been revealed! Follow Your Heart!
I love Japanese history, anime, and my local Tohoku region. I will introduce good Japanese things that even Japanese people might not know about.
Kanako Yoshida
I was born in Wakayama Prefecture, where my family manages a temple, and used to work part time as a Japanese Miko. I love touring temples and shrines wearing my ‘yukata’ (summer kimono) and will introduce relaxing temples and shrines, as well as good restaurants!
I’m a food writer who loves meat, fish and natto, but rice is my most favorite food ever! I like to travel, going to the ocean, and snowboarding. I will introduce food in Japan from the areas I have visited.
Takeshi Morisita
Film Editor
My favorite phrase is,“The soul of udon lies in the texture of the noodles!” I’m a 30-year-old, good-looking freelance cameraman from Kagawa prefecture!
I was born in the Kansai region, raised in the Kanto region, and am now, raising my child in the Tokai region! I have lived in many places, and from this, I consider myself good at quickly adapting to new locations. I can also speak the Kansai-ben dialect. I recently lived in Thailand and have come to love the people there! My favorite writers are Soseki Natsume and Hisashi Inoue.
I'm Hideo Yoshida and I enjoy singing karaoke.I'm an English tour guide. I share the same name with the famous shogun who built Osaka Castle in 1585. I’ll focus on articles regarding the western Japan areas.
My friends tell me, “You’re always stuffing something into your mouth!” I love making Japanese sweets, so I’ll focus on tasty Japanese food, especially Japanese sweets!
An indeterminate life form that was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, I have a passion for art and music. I will write about Japan's nightlife, art, party culture, and the best and most easily accessible locations to visit near Tokyo.
I’m from Yamaguchi Prefecture, and currently live in Northern Kyushu. I like to take photographs and play basketball with my friends. I’ll be posting blogs at my leisure.
shima yoshida
Writer / Translator
I was born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan and lived in New Zealand when I was a student. I now live in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture located on the Boso Peninsula. I really want to offer information about Japan in hopes that many more people will come to love and appreciate JAPAN!
Hiroko Mano
I am a Japanese beauty expert and entrepreneur raised in Europe. I run a Tokyo Beauty Concierge service and a beauty blog www.japonism-beauty.com. My passion is to share about all wanders that Japanese beauty industry has to offer.
I’m a 24-year-old promotion planner who seeks good sushi. I’ll share cute and sexy Japan with you, mainly focusing on sushi! ♥
I’m a super laid-back girl who loves to party and have a good time! I will tell you about the wonders of Japan and my personal, most favorite things about Japan! Keep your eyes open for me!
Developer / Translator
I’m a fanatic of ramen and language. I am licensed as a foreign tour guide in Taiwan and Japan. I’m into Japanese culture, and got my eyes on eating ramen everywhere in Japan!
I'm from London but have lived in Tokyo, and traveled all over Japan. I love the food, the people, the art, the landscape, the language...pretty much everything about the place. Translating helps me discover more, and gain a deeper insight into the culture and spirit of this amazing country.
Yuri Suzuki
Camera in hand, I push my way through to all areas of Japan with the energy of Joan of Arc! My strong point is that I can befriend anyone without prejudice. I continue to make work immursed in local flavor.
I grew up in Japan and currently live in Taiwan. I love eating many different kinds of cuisines! It is my pleasure to contribute to the beauty of Japan as a Japanese-Chinese translator.
Takeshi Morishita
Film Editor
My favorite phrase is,“The soul of udon lies in the texture of the noodles!” I’m a 30-year-old, good-looking freelance cameraman from Kagawa prefecture!

Yuri Suzuki
Camera in hand, I push my way through to all areas of Japan with the energy of Joan of Arc! My strong point is that I can befriend anyone without prejudice. I continue to make work immursed in local flavor.

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