In Japan, December is a busy month in which the teachers run to and fro!? "Shiwasu"
Teachers are so busy that they run all over the place!? It's already December, isn't it? What k
In Japan, there's a “toilet god.”
The "myriad gods," called such because there are too many to count. In Japan, since ancient tim
Enjoy Japanese food even more with magnificent “chopstick technique”!
Chopsticks are indispensable for eating a Japanese meal, so it's worth learning how to use them pr
Something We are Taught Since Childhood: “Align your shoes when you take them off”
Take off your shoes when you enter a home In Japan, there is a custom where you take off the sh
Let's listen to the “voices of the insects” and enjoy Japan's rich nature and soul.
■The Japanese feel that insects, also have a “voice.” As autumn draws near, you can start to hea
September 8 is Harvest Moon. Let’s look up into the night sky and enjoy the moon.
For now, the forecast says it will be sunny in all parts of the country. There is a tradition t
Beyond Words: Nude Friendship at the Bathhouse.
If you want to catch a glimpse of daily life in Japan, visit a bathhouse! In older day Japan, m
“Otsukimi,” appreciate and pray to the beautiful moon in autumn for a good harvest.
On a cool autumn night, look up to the sky and appreciate the beautiful moon. Autumn is the best
“Shoji”, produced out of the culture and wisdom of Japan, is made from paper and wood.
Illuminated by the sun during the day and by lights during the night, Shoji will lighten a room up
The advantage is that anyone can join in so, everyone, let's dance!
The Bon Dance is a deep, meaningful dance that is performed in a variety of ways depending upon th
"Obon" is a regular midsummer event for families to welcome and hold a memorial service for the spirits of their ancestors.
During obon, it is extremely crowded anywhere you go in Japan! Every year, for the few days befo
Reduce the temperature by two degrees just by sprinkling water? A traditional piece of cooling wisdom.
“Uchimizu,” an environmentally friendly method for spending the hot summer more comfortably. Wh
“Sanja Matsuri”, a festival with over 1300 years of history celebrated in Tokyo’s famous Asakusa district.
Asakusa’s 3 most popular days of the year when people get crazy! When asked, “What’s the mo
Ochugen, The gift of summer
How about a Japanese gift for someone special to you. Japanese custom calls for the giving
Kyoto MINAMIZA Theatre
【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 The oldest theater in Japan built in the birthplace of Kabuki Kabuki