Japanese Samurai Spirits ~Chushingura~
Samurai (Ancient Japanese Warriors) Samurai appeared around 1000 years ago in Japanese history. T
What’s the difference between flower arranging and Ikebana? I joined an Ikebana workshop to learn the spirit of Japan.
Here we go! This time, I visited the Ichiyo School of Ikebana. They often participate abroad in exh
winter solstice
Keep your body warm during the winter solstice
Winter solstice is a day when sun the is reborn. The 22nd of December is the winter solstice. It
Japanese Expressions: Learn Japanese from Manga for Free
Romance with Comedy 徒然つれづれチルドレン (Children in Idleness*) Author: 若林稔弥(わかばやしとしや) Vocabulary Level
Customs for December
Customs for December: The busiest month of the year
We refer to December as “Shiwasu”. In Japan, we usually ‘tie up loose ends’ in the old year to ha
A festival to wish for the growth of children ages three, five, and seven. “Shichi-go-san”
It’s a day to celebrate children’s growth. You might see children dressed in Kimono during the su
Customs for November
Customs for November
Tuesday,3 November: Culture Day This is a national holiday designated as a day to celebrate the p
How about making an elegant bowl for everyday use at a traditional Japanese house in Kitakamakura? “The Takara Pottery Studio Experience”
It’s easy enough, even for a beginner! Let’s drop by a pottery class while sightseeing in Kamakura.
Tadaima Japan Presents: Impressions of Japan from Spain!
An e-mail from a designer in Spain The Tadaima Japan team received an e-mail from a designer and il
Autumn foliage
The season for beautiful foliage has arrived in Japan!
A variety of colors. The autumn foliage in Japan consists of many colors including yellowish
It is a chance to see Kabuki with translation... and it’s free! Let’s enjoy a traditional Japanese play from 200 years ago!(Gifu Pref)
During the Edo Perio, 200 years ago, Kabuki became popular among the common people because of it’s e
Martin Kramer
Finding Japan in Germany!: A German tea enthusiast who built a tea room right inside his flat!
It’s almost a museum! Amazing collections that are more than just a hobby. The world of tea cer
School uniform for winter
Let’s change your wardrobe on October 1st!
“Koromo-gae”, or the change of wardrobe for the new season. Have you ever had a school uniform fo
The Seven Deities of Good Luck
Have you ever heard of Kannazuki? It’s the month when all Japanese gods go to one place in Japan!
What’s Kannazuki? Most Japanese people have heard about “Kannazuki”, but they seldom know what it
The full moon
The fifteenth night of Autumn, the evening to adore the full moon.
The season for harvesting comes around the time of a full moon. Autumn has arrived and in Japan i