Customs for February
Customs for February: Celebrations before the coming of spring
Wed, 3rd February: Setsubun Setsubun is a day that marks the changing of the seasons, and especia
A Gun shooting game
A guide to unique booths at Japanese festivals!
Goldfish scooping Goldfish scooping is one of the most typical booths at Japanese summer festivals.
Exclusive street food, let’s try it out at a festival!
Takoyaki is a must eat! Takoyaki is a piece of octopus deep fried, in a salty batter. You eat them
Drying rice plants
Did you know that straw is made from a rice plant?
Nothing is wasted and very eco-friendly Rice is harvested during the fall in Japan. You can see peo
Japanese Samurai Spirits ~Chushingura~
Samurai (Ancient Japanese Warriors) Samurai appeared around 1000 years ago in Japanese history. T
What’s the difference between flower arranging and Ikebana? I joined an Ikebana workshop to learn the spirit of Japan.
Here we go! This time, I visited the Ichiyo School of Ikebana. They often participate abroad in exh
winter solstice
Keep your body warm during the winter solstice
Winter solstice is a day when sun the is reborn. The 22nd of December is the winter solstice. It
Japanese Expressions: Learn Japanese from Manga for Free
Romance with Comedy 徒然つれづれチルドレン (Children in Idleness*) Author: 若林稔弥(わかばやしとしや) Vocabulary Level
Customs for December
Customs for December: The busiest month of the year
We refer to December as “Shiwasu”. In Japan, we usually ‘tie up loose ends’ in the old year to ha
A festival to wish for the growth of children ages three, five, and seven. “Shichi-go-san”
It’s a day to celebrate children’s growth. You might see children dressed in Kimono during the su
Customs for November
Customs for November
Tuesday,3 November: Culture Day This is a national holiday designated as a day to celebrate the p
How about making an elegant bowl for everyday use at a traditional Japanese house in Kitakamakura? “The Takara Pottery Studio Experience”
It’s easy enough, even for a beginner! Let’s drop by a pottery class while sightseeing in Kamakura.
Tadaima Japan Presents: Impressions of Japan from Spain!
An e-mail from a designer in Spain The Tadaima Japan team received an e-mail from a designer and il
Autumn foliage
The season for beautiful foliage has arrived in Japan!
A variety of colors. The autumn foliage in Japan consists of many colors including yellowish
It is a chance to see Kabuki with translation... and it’s free! Let’s enjoy a traditional Japanese play from 200 years ago!(Gifu Pref)
During the Edo Perio, 200 years ago, Kabuki became popular among the common people because of it’s e