Clean away all of this year's mess! Do a GRAND HOUSE CLEANING to greet the god into your clean house
Cleaning the house is a job for dad to do during his end of year holidays! Most people in Japan
Towers of pine and bamboo: Kadomatsu decoration, a tradition of the Japanese New Year’s Holiday
Kadomatsu is a decoration with three cut pieces of bamboo and pine for the Japanese New Year’s holid
Japan’s New Year “Oshogatsu” is to welcome the God Toshigami-sama, who brings abundance and happiness to each family.
Oshogatsu is to welcome the deity, Toshigami-sama. What is Oshogatsu? In Japan, the Toshigami-sama
"Toshi-no-ichi Hagoita-ichi," an end of the year event that presents an array of Tokyo traditional craft items
A major year-end event that is bustling from morning till night The Toshi-no-ichi (Year-end Fa
The ‘Nengajo’ Postcard: a heartwarming tradition of the Japanese New Year
Japanese people exchange Nengajo postcards as New Year Greetings, much like Western people sending C
The town with more "ama" in Japan - Toba-Ise Shima, Mie Prefecture -
Are they fishermen? Divers? Mermaids? What are "ama"? "Ama" are women free divers who make a li
In Japan, December is a busy month in which the teachers run to and fro!? "Shiwasu"
Teachers are so busy that they run all over the place!? It's already December, isn't it? What k
In Japan, there's a “toilet god.”
The "myriad gods," called such because there are too many to count. In Japan, since ancient tim
Enjoy Japanese food even more with magnificent “chopstick technique”!
Chopsticks are indispensable for eating a Japanese meal, so it's worth learning how to use them pr
Something We are Taught Since Childhood: “Align your shoes when you take them off”
Take off your shoes when you enter a home In Japan, there is a custom where you take off the sh
Let's listen to the “voices of the insects” and enjoy Japan's rich nature and soul.
■The Japanese feel that insects, also have a “voice.” As autumn draws near, you can start to hea
September 8 is Harvest Moon. Let’s look up into the night sky and enjoy the moon.
For now, the forecast says it will be sunny in all parts of the country. There is a tradition t
Beyond Words: Nude Friendship at the Bathhouse.
If you want to catch a glimpse of daily life in Japan, visit a bathhouse! In older day Japan, m
“Otsukimi,” appreciate and pray to the beautiful moon in autumn for a good harvest.
On a cool autumn night, look up to the sky and appreciate the beautiful moon. Autumn is the best
“Shoji”, produced out of the culture and wisdom of Japan, is made from paper and wood.
Illuminated by the sun during the day and by lights during the night, Shoji will lighten a room up