Events for the second half of January
Enjoy the cold winter! Events for the second half of January
Friday, January 15th: The “throwing of the groom”, or “Mukonage” in Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture
The venue
Sexy and grand! A report on a pole dance competition.
Pole dancing is popular in Japan as entertainment and as a sport! I have participated in the past an
The Samurai show
The Nagoya Bushotai group is on stage in Asakusa!
Asakusa is a popular destination for foreign tourists, because of its traditional Japanese culture.
A festival for the secret date between the God of Mount Bukō and Myoken Bosatsu, “Chichibu-Yo matsuri”.(Saitama Pref.)(MOVIE) The highlight is Kasaboko-lifting, held on the 3rd night. “Chichibu-Y
Events for early December
Events for early December - The Best 3 Recommended Local Festivals.
Fri, 2 to Sat 3 December: Chichibu Night Festival in Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture Chichibu N
Events for the second half of November
Events for the second half of November
Saturday the 14th of November: Taimatsu Akashi in Sukagawa city, Fukushima Prefecture It’s one of
Making contact with the world through Kimono:“YOSHIKIMONO”, produced by YOSHIKI
A new style of Kimono was born! What do you imagine when you think of Kimono? Tidy? Sophisticated?
Karatsu Kunchi
A festival more important than summer holidays and New Year's! “Karatsu Kunchi” is when Karatsu's people come together as one.(SAGA)(MOVIE) The pride of Karatsu, Saga Prefecture in Kyushu. A festival loved by K
Events for early November
Mon 2nd to Wed, 4th of November: Karatsu Kunchi in Karatsu city, Saga Prefecture During the trans
Events for the second half of October: Don’t miss these majestic festivals!
Thursday, the 15th to Sunday, the 18th of October: Niihama Taiko Matsuri in Niihama city, Ehime Pr
The Kawagoe Festival
Kawagoe, a town of beautiful storehouses, holds it’s annual festival for two magical, glittering days! "The Kawagoe Festival" (Saitama)【MOVIE】 The Kawagoe Festival is held on the third weekend in October each year
Iizaka Kenka Matsuri
“Iizaka Kenka Matsuri”in Fukushima, where 1-ton floats violently crash into each other(MOVIE) Iizaka Kenka Matsuri is the best event to see during Fukushima's autum
Nihon-matsu Chochin (Lantern) Festival
The“Nihon-matsu Chochin (Lantern) Festival”- 3,000 beautiful red paper lanterns swaying in the autumn evening sky!(MOVIE) The Nihon-matsu Chochin (Lantern) Festival is held every year in Nihon
The season of autumn festival has come, “Events for early October”
Fri, the 2nd to Sun, the 4th of October: Iisaka Kenka Matsuri (Fighting Festival) in Fukushima Ya
Chushu kangensai
Resonating eternal tones beneath a full autumn moon: Hie Shrine's “Mid-autumn Kangen Festival” The thrill of Gagaku sounds, while admiring the still composure of t