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Hokkaido Shinkansen began operation! The reason why you should visit Hokkaido and Tohoku
・We visited the Tohoku and Hokkaido’s sightseeing symposium!・It’s the best Hanami location!・Speaking
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[2016 Summer!!]Shizuoka Oigawa Railway will start accepting lottery-based ticket applications for Thomas the Tank Engine!
We’ll introduce in order of dates of operation, sections of operation, operating times, ticket detai
Cherry Blossom observation spots in Eastern Tokyo❀
When the cherry blossoms bloom, you’ll know that the spring season is coming to Japan. For centuries
<Special Event>The Hokkaido Shinkansen Line is finally opening! Learn special tips for traveling around Hokkaido and Tohoku!
The Hokkaido Shinkansen Line will open on March 26, 2016, allowing rail travel between Tokyo and Hak
Bushotai Group
【Special Event: Feb. / Mar.2016】Here comes the much-loved Bushotai Group to Asakusa! “SAMURAI & NINJA SHOW”
Travel 400 years back in time to Japan’s Warring States era with this one hour interactive show!
Events for the second half of February
Enjoy spring flowers and a snow festival! Events for the second half of February 2016
Wed, 10th February to Thurs, 10th March: The 26th Annual Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival in Kawazu
Events for February
Festivals before spring! Events for early February.
Wed, 3rd February: Honjo-ji Temple’s Oni Dance in Sanjo city, Niigata Prefecture The 3rd of Febru
Events for the second half of January
Enjoy the cold winter! Events for the second half of January
Friday, January 15th: The “throwing of the groom”, or “Mukonage” in Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture
The venue
Sexy and grand! A report on a pole dance competition.
Pole dancing is popular in Japan as entertainment and as a sport! I have participated in the past an
The Samurai show
The Nagoya Bushotai group is on stage in Asakusa!
Asakusa is a popular destination for foreign tourists, because of its traditional Japanese culture.
A festival for the secret date between the God of Mount Bukō and Myoken Bosatsu, “Chichibu-Yo matsuri”.(Saitama Pref.)(MOVIE)
https://youtu.be/kg6CLe95xpE The highlight is Kasaboko-lifting, held on the 3rd night. “Chichibu-Y
Events for early December
Events for early December - The Best 3 Recommended Local Festivals.
Fri, 2 to Sat 3 December: Chichibu Night Festival in Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture Chichibu N
Events for the second half of November
Events for the second half of November
Saturday the 14th of November: Taimatsu Akashi in Sukagawa city, Fukushima Prefecture It’s one of
Making contact with the world through Kimono:“YOSHIKIMONO”, produced by YOSHIKI
A new style of Kimono was born! What do you imagine when you think of Kimono? Tidy? Sophisticated?
Karatsu Kunchi
A festival more important than summer holidays and New Year's! “Karatsu Kunchi” is when Karatsu's people come together as one.(SAGA)(MOVIE)
https://youtu.be/ewdcr5_tozA The pride of Karatsu, Saga Prefecture in Kyushu. A festival loved by K