Festivals & Events

An authentic rice planting ceremony will be held next to Mt.Fuji!
The season for planting rice has come! It’s already the season for planting rice in Japan. Alread
Kokufu will be full of festivities! Kurayami-matsuri, a carnival in the darkness of night
The biggest shrine in Musashi province, Okuni-mitama-jinja Shrine The festival held in the darkness
Do you think we have more holidays than your country? Starting in 2016, we will have in total of 16 national holidays in Japan.
Next year we will have a new holiday on August 11th, called “Mountain day”. How many national holid
Only once, every 7 years! Zenkoji-temple’s ”Gokaicho”, where you can see a replica of a hidden Buddhist statue starting April 5th this year!
Zenkoji Temple has a history of over 1400 years. Zenkoji Temple is located in Shinshu, Nagano Pre
Tadaima Japan hosted a 2nd Event, A Workshop for making multifaceted Edo glass!
I had previously wrote an article about Multifaceted Edo Kiriko and actually made one, but this time
Enjoy fascinating scenery in a snowy region during the “Yunishigawa Onsen Snow Hut Festival”
A hot spring in the mountain valley where a legend from 800 years ago still leaves its trace. Y
Communication through cooking goes beyond national borders! An “Okonomiyaki Party” presented by Tadaima Japan.
On January 24th we held an Okonomiyaki Party and it was our first event and our first time seeing Ta
A festival for the secret date between the God of Mount Bukō and Myoken Bosatsu, “Chichibu-Yo matsuri”.
The highlight is Kasaboko-lifting, held on the 3rd night. “Chichibu-Yo Matsuri” is a regular
Japan’s winter glittering with romance. “Christmas illumination” to watch out for in 2014
SAGAMIKO ILLUMINION Just an hour from the city center. The largest illumination show in the Kanto
A festival more important than summer holidays and New Year's! “Karatsu Kunchi” is when Karatsu's people come together as one.
The pride of Karatsu, Saga Prefecture in Kyushu. A festival loved by Karatsu natives and fans al
Kawagoe, a town of beautiful storehouses, holds it’s annual festival for two magical, glittery days! “Kawagoe Festival”
The Kawagoe Festival is held on the third weekend in October each year in the city of Kawagoe, S
“Kanazawa Moon Viewing Light Road,” an art event in the autumn evening of Jokamachi featuring warm burning lights
Making a warm town for students and residents who love Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture's Kanazawa C
Resonant, eternal tones beneath an autumnal full moon: Hie Shrine's ,“Mid-autumn Kangen Festival”(MOVIE)
https://youtu.be/sWwP4r_w1tk The thrill of the Gagaku sounds while admiring the stilled composure
Foreigners Get to Experience Japanese Pop Culture for Free! A Trip to the "Moshimoshi Nippon Festival 2014".
Delivering Japan's Latest Pop Culture to the World! We took a trip to "Moshimoshi Nippon Festiva