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Ueno Ameyoko
Enjoy Japanese street food at "Ameyoko", a popular destination in Ueno.“Hama-chan”
What’s Ameyoko? Let me tell you a bit about Ameyoko. It’s a shopping street that is about 400m lo
Micchan okonomiyaki
The most famous okonomiyaki shop in Hiroshima, ”Micchan”, is loved by local people.
Let’s go there when it opens! The most famous okonomiyaki shop, Micchan, is in Hiroshima and we w
Go try Hiroshima’s specialty, "Bakudan-ya" 's Tsukemen, as soon as you arrive!
Taste the popular Japanese food Tsukemen, in Hiroshima! The summer is coming to the end, but Japa
Just reminiscing about it can reproduce the taste of this okonomiyaki! “Nagataya”, the place recommended by local people.
The okonomiyaki restaurant recommended by local people! After touring Hiroshima Castle, we got ve
Akita Dining and “Namahage”
Taste local countryside cuisine at an old Japanese house-style restaurant in Ginza!
You no longer have to travel 4 hours to the north to eat Akita’s local specialties! You can taste th
Okonomiyaki Hatsuse
An “Okonomiyaki Pro” will teach you how to cook Okonomiyaki at ‘Hatsuse’restaurant.
A Fun and tasty experience with your family and friends! “okonomiyaki”is one of the foods I want
The lecturer Yuko Kihira
Finding Japan in Germany! Part 7: An interview at a Japanese vegan-cooking workshop in Berlin.
Why is the term “Vegan” unfamiliar in Japan? Japanese food is recognized as healthy food here in
The staff baking Taiyaki.
Finding Japan in Germany! Part 6: "Taiyaki" is getting popular in Berlin!
Is Berlin a paradise for Japanese food!? Along with the Okonomiyaki vendor which I previously int
“Kakigōri”, cold Japanese sweets with sweetened syrup for summer!
What does “氷” means? When summer comes, you’ll probably see flags which say “氷” hanging in front o
Pork cutlets and vegetable slewers
Try Osaka’s specialty,“Kushikatsu,”skewered pork cutlets at Darma restaurant!
Darma is where kushikatsu originated. Kushikatsu is a dish made of skewered deep fried pork cutle
"Houba-zushi" is sushi wrapped in a leaf and is a local food of Yagyu village in Nara.
Wrapped sushi with a magnolia hypoleuca tree leaf What do you imagine when hearing the word “Sushi”
I had ramem in Otaru, Hokkaido at the “Shodai” ramen shop.
Hokkaido is the land of Ramen! Sapporo is the most famous city for ramen in Hokkaido and the thre
Wasanbon, Japanese sweets, wagashi
“Wasanbon” is traditional Japanese sugar!
Wasanbon and the best tea cakes Wasanbon is a kind of traditional Japanese sugar that has a history
A Tea Store in the Forest: “Rakusui”
Information provided by Nanjo City. Map 19-1,Tamagusuku aza Tamagusuku, Nanjo City, Okinawa P
Popular Iranian/Japanese ramen in Koenji at Bia Bia restaurant
A ramen shop that’s popular among women and children. Bia Bia is about a 1 min walk from the Higash