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inside the shop
Take a break at a 120-year-old house. “Chadokoro-China” is where you can taste Okinawan cuisine.
A 120-year-old one-storied house that has been renovated and changed to a restaurant. “Chad
Charlie Tacos
American soldiers love “Charlie's Tacos”, the first taco shop in Okinawa.
The pioneer of tacos in Okinawa, open since 1956! Famous Okinawa food includes rafutee, soki soba n
I had Hokkaido’s specialty, “Genghis Khan,” a Japanese mutton and vegetable dish!
Look out for the red lantern! A favorite local restaurant called “Fukuroutei” “Genghis Khan” is a
Please Try “Kaisendon,” a sashimi rice bowl full of Hokkaido’s seafood!
The Landmark of Sapporo City Every morning, fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish are sold at the
Chinuman entrance
Good Okinawan food comes with great sake and a show! Chinuman, the Okinawan restaurant is a must visit.
Taste fresh seafood and Okinawa’s best sake! Okinawan restaurant, Chinuman is a chain restaurant
Everyone in Japan likes the Japanese soul food, Onigiri
The charming and easy to eat, Onigiri! Japanese people remember when their mothers would cook hot
Two Essentials You Should Know About Japanese Sake
Don't Worry About Anything! I’ll Tell You What You Need To Know Japanese sake is becoming more popu
Yakumi, condiments that give Japanese food a peculiar taste
Yakumi, it is important to the Japanese main dish Yakumi is a kind of spice that improves the t
Goboten Udon is a root vegetable cuisine that is loved by the people in Fukuoka Prefecture! Its crispy and crunchy texture is worth giving it a try!
What’s Goboten Udon? It’s Fukuoka people’s soul food. Guess what these finely shredded things are!
Must see things when you visit Ise Jingu (Ise Grand Shrine)! Strolling from Ise Jingu Gekū to Okage-yokocho street is so much fun!
Strolling to Okage-yokocho starts at Iseshi station. In Mie prefecture, Ise Jingu Shrine
The classic donburi dish, oyakodon! People can't get enough of its syrupy texture
It's made from chicken and egg; that's why it's called "parent and child donburi" There are ma
The Japanese seasoning, “Furikake” is secretly becoming popular outside of Japan and used in unexpected ways!
It goes so well with freshly steamed rice! “Furikake” is literally named after its meaning, “to
Hurry before they’re gone! The crispy skin and hot stewed adzuki bean jam is the specialty of “Nezu no Taiyaki”
How about dropping by on your way to the Yanaka Ginza shopping district? “Nezu no Taiyak
”Himokawa Udon” is a kind of foldable noodle like a cloth, a local noodle dish from Gunma
“Is this noodle!?” When I first saw this noodle, I was so surprised even I have been in Japan f