Food & Drinks

How would you like to try "Nagasaki Champon", a local noodle dish from Nagasaki whose name means, "to mix"?
It is cheap and highly nutritious! This local dish was developed from Chinese cuisine. There w
Please try it if you don’t like raw fish, “Namero,” the local food of Chiba
Let’s try Namero and conquer your dislike of raw fish! Some people don’t like raw fish even t
The secret to delicious rice is in the history, lifestyle, nature and wisdom of Japan
Rice is the staple of the Japanese diet and is loved by everyone! Rice has been grown in Japan
You should try “Kushikatsu,” a special food of Osaka with a golden rule.
Unique foods of Osaka are not only “Takoyaki” and “Okonomiyaki”… Kushikatsu is also one of t
“Kawara Soba,” the regional cuisine you definitely want to try when you visit Yamaguchi Prefecture
A clue about the unique cooking method is that it stems from battle Let me introduce a uniqu
“Hakari-me-Don,” The best eel of Japan and a well-known product of Futtsu city, Chiba prefecture, caught in Tokyo Bay.
“Edomae-anago (conger)” is loved by the people who were born in Edo (Tokyo) Most Japanese
It’s not just cute! It’s “intellectual training sweets” for children’s growth through creative means
You can experience the Japanese mentality that is always particular about details Are there any
How about trying exquisite sweets from the fall season? Made from the blessings of the land unique to autumnal Japan…
Announcing the arrival of fall, the season that will increase your appetite! Presenting sweets fro
It is said that eating "fugu" brings good fortune.
Fugu is loved in Japan to the point that there is a special detoxifying license for it. There ar
Don't just watch sumo, enjoy it through food at "chanko restaurants"
Do you know "chanko restaurants"? "Chanko" is "food for sumo wrestlers". Unusual shop, isn't it
Enjoy a fun day on the train with “Ekiben,” a railway boxed meal.
There are a large variety of Ekiben available all around Japan. When you think of a trip on a tr
They go well with alcohol and with sweets – the healthy “edamame” (green soybeans) are now popular all over the world!
“Beer and edamame” are the quintessential combination of the Japanese summer. Can you find "edam
The shaved ice flavored with green tea syrup and decorated with red beans paste and rice cakes, “Akafuku-gohri”
“Akafuku-mochi” which is made as decorations for the shaved ice is on the “Akafuku-gohri” In th
“Niku-jaga”, The flavor of a Japanese Mother’s cooking.
If you can cook this, you’ll be very popular among Japanese men. Niku-jaga, which literally mea
“Hitsumabushi”, A local eel dish of Nagoya city eaten in 3 different steps
Recommended for the hot summer! Become a master on Japan through Nagoya's local specialties! Hi