The arrival of rain in Japan: Be prepared for it and enjoy “Tsuyu,” the infamous rainy season!
From Spring to Summer Spring is the nicest season of the year, but soon it will be the rainy seas
Filling the Japanese Stomach “The Rice Cooker”
The Soulmate of Japanese Food? Today, many people can find Japanese restaurants around world. Many
What is this yellow plastic wash tub called “Kerorin,” often seen in Japanese public baths?
What’s the interesting story behind Kerorin, the hidden, big name in the public bath? You migh
From mother to daughter. "Hina no Tsurushi Kazari" is decoratively stringing up handmade dolls to wish for a daughter’s health and happiness.
Those who are not wealthy also wish for the healthy development of their daughters. The ancient
Foreign visitors can’t help but to say, “Wow!” at the futuristic vending machine, Acure. A report on Acure’s PR event!
This vending machine can even decipher your demographic! Acure has new revolutionary f
I experienced Indigo dying, a way of dying “Japan blue”
When people hear “Japan blue,” some might imagine the uniforms of the Japanese football team, b
It's just like a café! You can see how the coffee is made right inside this strange coffee vending machine.
Coffee just the way you want it. I have already written about the Japanese vending machine in
Experience Japan through stationery. Part 2, a mechanical pencil called Orenz, that doesn't break lead.
A reason why Japanese students prefer this pencil over fine pencils. I would like to intro
The magical technique of ”Multifaceted Edo glass” turns glass into art
Shining glass products from tableware to ornaments are loved by people all over the wor
Make a wish with “Kite-Flying” and fly it high in the sky
What is Japanese “Kite-flying”? Kite-flying is known as one of the games played during Japan’
Ogawa city, Saitama Prefecture is home of ”Japanese paper,” registered as intangible cultural assets.
“Japanese paper” is registered as intangible cultural heritage for its thinness, strength, and bea
Experience Japan through stationery. Part 1: The Staple-less Stapler, Harinacs.
Let’s dig into the deep world of Japanese stationery! It’s unique and suitable as a souvenir. I
Japanese “kusari doi” (rain chains) lure the water drops from your rooftop down to the ground in a beautiful way
Give the rainwater which falls from your roof the chance to perform for you! Have you ever seen
2016 marks the anniversary of the 400-year history of Arita-yaki, the genesis of Japan’s proud porcelain industry!
The birthplace of porcelain that graces Japan’s dining tables. What is Arita-yaki, which has been