Let’s get drinks at Genka bar!! Everything you eat and drink is top quality!!
Genka bar has three branches: Gotanda, Akasaka mitsuke, and Ginza in Tokyo. Everything you eat and
Let’s consult an oracle at Temples and Shrines in Japan!
Japanese people get their fortunes by consulting an oracle at temples and shrines. It’s very rare to
10 Ways of Saying “I’m late” in Japanese
When you are late すみません、おそくなりました。(Sumimasen, osokunarimashita). I’m sorry for being late. おまたせしてすみ
Japanese Expressions: Learn Japanese from Manga for Free
Romance with Comedy 徒然つれづれチルドレン (Children in Idleness*) Author: 若林稔弥(わかばやしとしや) Vocabulary Level
【Special Event: November 20】Here comes the much-loved Bushotai Group to Asakusa! “SAMURAI & NINJA SHOW”
They will soon come to Asakusa, Tokyo Nov 20th. Please visit us if you are in Tokyo! You can see an
Wasabi’s class
Learn Japanese from Wasabi’s one-on-one lesson, from *$47 per month on Skype!
The number of Japanese language students has increased, contrary to the small amount of native Jap
Shizuoka City Launches Free Mobile Wi-Fi Router-Lending Service: Start Your Japan Tour in Shizuoka
Shizuoka City Launches Free Mobile Wi-Fi Router-Lending Service: Start Your Japan Tour in Shizuoka
(Oct 10-11th)A must-see event for Busho buffs! The Battle of Sekigahara festival will be held at Sekigahara, Gifu.
The most popular event in Sekigahara town, Gifu Prefecture is the Battle of Sekigahara festival! Thi
[GINZA, Tokyo]New Tea Ceremony Room “GINZA CHAZEN” to Open on Oct. 8 for Foreign Tourists
New Tea Ceremony Room "GINZA CHAZEN" to Open on Oct. 8 for Foreign Tourists TOKYO, Oct. 5, 2015 CH
“KENDAMA”is now a trendy sport! I went to see the world championship! (MOVIE)
“KENDAMA” is a new kind of sport! The Japanese toy, “KENDAMA”is now popular all over the world! Fo
2018 Japan’s Best Festivals for July (July 16th to July 31th)
(For the first part of July click here) Mon, 16th July: Chigasaki-kaigan Hamaori-sai in Chigasaki,
Discover Japan –AN INSIDER’S GUIDE
The magazine “Discover Japan” has now released its overseas edition!
The latest Japanese culture guide is now available in two foreign languages! Hello, it’s Guri from
Otaue Shinji
Located right in the center of Osaka, the “Otaue Shinji” rice planting festival at Sumiyoshi Taisha Grand Shrine!(MOVIE)
Living in harmony with the four seasons, the people of the country of rice - Japanese Shinto Ritua
Tadaima Japan’s advertisement is now broadcasted at the popular tourist destination, "Ameyoko" in the Ueno district of Tokyo!
What’s “Ameyoko”? It’s a 400-meter long market street between the JR Ueno and Okachimachi station