Feel the Samurai soul and learn how to use Samurai sword in Japanese traditional martial art “Iai”!!
Ryusei-kan(龍正館) aims to pass down the Japanese traditional culture and spirit correctly by Iai-do an
Roof tiles that ward off evil called Shōki-san. Tips for finding Shōki-gawara in the Naramachi area!
“Naramachi” is a district that covers one fourth of the south side of the old town of Nara city, and
Omisoka and Oshogatsu: The Japanese Year End and New Year’s holidays
Today’s Shogatsu inherits some traditional customs and also adds more modern elements. Let’s see how
Ojizo-san, a deity with a red cloth.
You may see statues wearing red bibs while walking in the countryside of Japan. These statues are th
Let’s consult an oracle at Temples and Shrines in Japan!
Japanese people get their fortunes by consulting an oracle at temples and shrines. It’s very rare to
Do you know how to order and eat Tsukemen?
Have you ever been to Tsukemen shop before? It seems a little bit difficult for beginners to order
We Interviewed some tourists from overseas in the popular Asakusa area!
Tadaima Japan went to Asakusa, one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo, to interview foreigne
Customs for January
Greet in the New Year! Customs for January
1st January to 7th January, The first visit to a shrine Hatsumode, or the first visit to a shrine
Realities of Japan: Working in a Rural City in Japan
I Want to Work in Japan, Despite Many Cultural Differences When it comes to working in Japan, big
10 Ways of Saying “I’m late” in Japanese
When you are late すみません、おそくなりました。 I’m sorry for being late. おまたせしてすみませんでした。 I am sorry to have kep
Japanese Expressions: Learn Japanese from Manga for Free
Romance with Comedy 徒然つれづれチルドレン (Children in Idleness*) Author: 若林稔弥(わかばやしとしや) Vocabulary Level
注釈:The Tokyo Metro Subway Map and Route Planner
Scared of Tokyo’s complicated subway system? Here’s a multilingual metro- planning App!
You no longer have to worry about getting lost in Tokyo! You might be overwhelmed when looking at
Wasabi’s class
Learn Japanese from Wasabi’s one-on-one lesson, from *$47 per month on Skype!
The number of Japanese language students has increased, contrary to the small amount of native Jap
Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés
“Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés”, a guidebook for 100 restaurants and cafés in Tokyo, chosen by a German writer!
Tokyo restaurants and cafés for Germans, carefully chosen by a German writer! Tokyo is a large ci
Athletics day
Autumn is the season for Athletics! “Athletics day” is held in local areas and at schools.
The season for “Athletics day” has arrived! We have a saying in Japan, “Autumn is the season for