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Wasabi’s class
Learn Japanese from Wasabi’s one-on-one lesson, from *$47 per month on Skype!
The number of Japanese language students has increased, contrary to the small amount of native Jap
Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés
“Genießen in Tokio – 100 Restaurants und Cafés”, a guidebook for 100 restaurants and cafés in Tokyo, chosen by a German writer!
Tokyo restaurants and cafés for Germans, carefully chosen by a German writer! Tokyo is a large ci
Athletics day
Autumn is the season for Athletics! “Athletics day” is held in local areas and at schools.
The season for “Athletics day” has arrived! We have a saying in Japan, “Autumn is the season for
Customs for October
Sunday, October 1st, 2017: Seasonal change of clothing This custom started around the 8th Century
Customs for September
Customs for September
Tue, 1 September: Disaster drill day This day was established to raise awareness for disasters by
Customs for August
Sat, 1st August: Hassaku This old custom is also called “Ta-no-mi-no-sekku”and it's for giving th
Japanese seasonal customs for July
July 1st: “Yamabiraki” or the opening of a mountain to climbers. This is the first day of the yea
Ema for praying for success at school
How to write on the wooden plaque called 'Ema' and send your wishes to the Shinto gods.
Sending your wishes to the spirits If you have ever visited a Shinto religion shrine, you may hav
bath time
'Ofuro,' The Japanese bath for relaxation in the bathroom
Very popular in Japanese bathrooms, the bathtub Japanese people usually take baths at night befor
Please check the page if you’d like to learn more about “Japanese side dishes for rice.”
What goes together well with a bowl of rice? The side dish for a bowl of rice in Japanese is,“Gohan
A Family of Fingers! What do you call each finger of the hand in Japanese?
The Names in Japanese Originate from Size or Usage Sorry for the sudden question, but what is e
It's a beautiful city wherever you go!
A high awareness for recycling is beautifying our neighborhood. When I first came to Japan, some
They neatly form a line, especially when it's crowded.
We stand in line, it’s not because we like doing it but this is manner Every morning in the larg
It's so much more than just convenient! The Japanese convenience store is always evolving.
You can buy that at a convenience store?! It's just like the food at a fancy restaurant. Desserts
Scoop and slurp! Nagashi Somen.
Just scoop up and slurp down the noodles as they flow towards you on the slide!