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What goes together well with a bowl of rice? The side dish for a bowl of rice in Japanese is,“Gohan
Family of Fingers! What do you call each finger of the hand?
Names Originate from Size or Usage Sorry for the sudden question, but what do they call the ind
It's a beautiful city wherever you go!
A high awareness for recycling is beautifying our neighborhood. When I first came to Japan, some
They neatly form a line, especially when it's crowded.
We stand in line, it’s not because we like doing it but this is manner Every morning in the larg
It's so much more than just convenient! The Japanese convenience store is always evolving.
You can buy that at a convenience store?! It's just like the food at a fancy restaurant. Desserts
Scoop and slurp! Nagashi Somen.
Just scoop up and slurp down the noodles as they flow towards you on the slide!
You can enjoy an invigorating workout with the local children. “Radio Broadcast Calisthenics”
How about waking up early and joining a local radio exercise class to invigorate yourself? The
”Watermelon splitting”, a popular game in Japan
Can you split a watermelon with a stick blindfolded? During summers in Japan, watermelon is a f
A beautiful surprise when opening a lunch box, “Chara-ben” is too pretty to eat!
it's me Mario! / MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・) A beautiful surprise when opening a Japanese lunch box.
Summer’s here and it’s time for beer! Welcome to beer gardens in Japan.
Let’s have a nice cold beer to beat the summer heat.
A Journey on the Local Bus
Let’s get on the local bus and go downtown! In Japan, the bus is one of the major modes of
Smoking and Non-Smoking Areas
Smoking while walking in Japan is prohibited In Japan, designated smoking and non-smoking a
Let’s have a drink! The original Izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment that
Vending Machines
Vending machines are found everywhere throughout Japan The United States leads the world fo
Escalator etiquette in Japan
The mysterious escalator etiquette of Japan The golden rule of escalator etiquette in the