Japan’s autumn flavor of the “Matsutake”, the king of mushrooms!
Harvest time in Japan. What kind of mushrooms do you usually eat in your country? In Japan, autum
Autumn in“Kakumanbuchi” has beautiful scenery filled with trees and a marsh in its mountain area.【Gunma】
Enjoy the autumn foliage in a small marshland. This small marshland, Kakumanbuchi is located at M
Events for early November
Mon 2nd to Wed, 4th of November: Karatsu Kunchi in Karatsu city, Saga Prefecture During the trans
Lake Usui
Let’s enjoy autumn foliage at “Lake Usui” and it’s dam, in Gunma Prefecture!
Walk around the lake and enjoy the autumn foliage to your heart’s content. Autumn has finally arr
Athletics day
Autumn is the season for Athletics! “Athletics day” is held in local areas and at schools.
The season for “Athletics day” has arrived! We have a saying in Japan, “Autumn is the season for
School uniform for winter
Let’s change your wardrobe on October 1st!
“Koromo-gae”, or the change of wardrobe for the new season. Have you ever had a school uniform fo
Customs for October
Sunday, October 1st, 2017: Seasonal change of clothing This custom started around the 8th Century
The full moon
The fifteenth night of Autumn, the evening to adore the full moon.
The season for harvesting comes around the time of a full moon. Autumn has arrived and in Japan,
Red spider lilies
What is “Ohigan?” Customary visit to graves that even Japanese people don’t know well?
Ohigan is a unique custom that developed from Buddhism, yet exists only in Japan. Have you ever h
Stewed eggplant
The autumn vegetable, eggplant is too good to tell anybody about!!
Now is the season for eggplant! Autumn has come to Japan and as it gets cooler summer appetites b
How to enjoy the “Chrysanthemum Festival” on September 9th
It is said that the largest combination of odd numbers brings fortune. Since ancient times, odd n
Events held for dining on sanma will tell you that autumn is coming. ”Sanma Festival in Meguro”
A free event for dining on fresh sanma (Cololabis saira) in Tokyo August is coming to an end. It
second half of September.
Time to enjoy autumn, events for the second half of September.
Fri, 15th to Sun, 17th of September 2017: Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, A September Festival in Osaka
The couple in Yukata.
How to enjoy “Yukata” in Japan
Yukata is a typical kind of Kimono, worn during the summer. It used to be called yukata-bira, which
“Bon-odori”dance festival is held everywhere in Japan during the summer season.
“Bon-odori”as a community . Japan is now in the middle of summer. This season is also called “Obo