How to enjoy the “Chrysanthemum Festival” on September 9th
It is said that the largest combination of odd numbers brings fortune. Since ancient times, odd n
Events held for dining on sanma will tell you that autumn is coming. ”Sanma Festival in Meguro”
A free event for dining on fresh sanma (Cololabis saira) in Tokyo August is coming to an end. It
second half of September.
Time to enjoy autumn, events for the second half of September.
Fri, 15th to Sun, 17th of September 2017: Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, A September Festival in Osaka
The couple in Yukata.
How to enjoy “Yukata” in Japan
Yukata is a typical kind of Kimono, worn during the summer. It used to be called yukata-bira, which
“Bon-odori”dance festival is held everywhere in Japan during the summer season.
“Bon-odori”as a community . Japan is now in the middle of summer. This season is also called “Obo
morning glory
Let’s see the Japanese “morning glory”, the beloved flower of summer!
The beloved flower of summer, the Morning Glory What kind of flowers bloom in your country during
The Japanese Tradition of Visiting the Ancestors' Graves during 'Obon'
'Hakai-mairi', or 'visiting the grave' is one of the familial important events during summer. Here i
Okinawa Eisaa Matsuri
Events for early September; Get a sense for autumn.
Fri, 1st September 2017: Oumi Nakayama Imokurabe Matsuri in Shiga Prefecture Photo by: 歴史探訪京都からー旧木
Sparklers, the Beauty of Fireworks in your Hands
Enjoy the summer with your friends and family with handheld fireworks. There are many fireworks f
summer holiday
Japan’s “real” summer has arrived! The summer holiday we all have been longing for is here!
The summer holiday has come! The rainy season is finished Japan, and the real summer has finally ar
Fuji Kawaguchi-ko Tourou-nagashi
The season to express your love to your ancestors: Events for the second half of August.
Sun, the 16th of August: Fuji Kawaguchiko Toro nagashi in Minamitsuru, Yamanashi Prefecture Tōrō na
Customs for August
Sat, 1st August: Hassaku This old custom is also called “Ta-no-mi-no-sekku”and its for giving the
“Kakigōri”, cold Japanese sweets with sweetened syrup for summer!
What does “氷” means? When summer comes, you’ll probably see flags which say “氷” hanging in front o
Aomori’s Nebuta Matsuri
The hot summer has finally come to Tohoku! Events for early August.
photo:norie1381 Mon, the 1st to Thurs, the 4th of August: Morioka Sansa Odori in Morioka city, Iwa
Let’s eat eel to survive the hot summer!“Doyo-no-ushi,” the day for eating eel.
Enjoy some eel to recharge yourself during the dog days of summer! Every year in July, you’ll commo