The shaved ice flavored with green tea syrup and decorated with red beans paste and rice cakes, “Akafuku-gohri”
“Akafuku-mochi” which is made as decorations for the shaved ice is on the “Akafuku-gohri” In th
“katori-Senko,” a necessity for summers in Japan and a great souvenir.
Enjoy the summertime with an original product of Japan to protect yourself from mosquitos. Duri
The refreshing sound of the Wind Chimes in Japan
In Japan, people often listen to the peaceful melodies of wind chimes to sooth their mind and help t
"Obon" is a regular midsummer event for families to welcome and hold a memorial service for the spirits of their ancestors.
During obon, it is extremely crowded anywhere you go in Japan! Every year, for the few days befo
Reduce the temperature by two degrees just by sprinkling water? A traditional piece of cooling wisdom.
“Uchimizu,” an environmentally friendly method for spending the hot summer more comfortably. Wh
”Watermelon splitting”, a popular game in Japan
Can you split a watermelon with a stick blindfolded? During summers in Japan, watermelon is a f
Summer’s here and it’s time for beer! Welcome to beer gardens in Japan.
Let’s have a nice cold beer to beat the summer heat.
Ochugen, The gift of summer
How about a Japanese gift for someone special to you. Japanese custom calls for the giving
Shaved Ice, It is recommended in the hot summer
A necessity for the hot Japanese Summers Found just about everywhere in Japan during the su
Introduction of festivals held in July and August (Fukushima,Yamagata,Miyagi).
“Soma-Nomaoi festival” Hot summer festivals in the northlands! Let’s go and enjoy festivals tha