Cook the local cuisine with the local people!

This is the house where tourists can cook the local specialty "Yoshida's Udon" and other cuisines. An affable lady will welcome you. Please confirm your request and arrival time in advance by phone.

  • 5340 KamiYoshida, Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi, 403-0005 Japan
    5 min by car from Fujiyama station / 30 min walk from Fujiyama station / 5 min walk from the bus stop Sangen-jinja-mae
  • Please ask
  • +81-555-22-1381 (You can book the farm experience at Sato Farm too.)
  • English speaking staff (occasionally)
  • None
  • Please ask

Sumire-kai Sumire-kai


Depends on the each shop

Yoshida's Udon noodle吉田のうどん

It is made of the pure water from Mt,Fuji!

"Yoshida's Udon" is a local cuisine that is widely eaten in Yamanashi Prefecture including Fuji Yoshida city. The chewy texture and the garnish are the main features of this dish. The pure water from Mt.Fuji is used in making this Udon, and it makes the noodle tastier. The cuisine was chosen for one of the 100 local dishes by the Ministry of Agliculture in 2007. There are more than 60 Udon shops within the city.

  • Fuji Yoshida City
  • Depends on the each shop
    (Usually 11:00~14:00)
  • 【Inquiry】+81-555-21-1000
    Fuji Yoshida Tourist Organisation
  • English menu is available.
    English speaking staff (occasionally)
  • Depends on the each shop
  • Around 300~700 yen

Yoshida Udon Yoshida Udon


Depends on the each shop

Arakurayama Sengen Park新倉山浅間公園

The place where all the photographer should go at least once in their lifetime!

It is located in front of the Mt.Fuji where you can view the city of Fuji Yoshida around. In the park, cherry blossom trees are planted, and people visit here to do Hanami in the spring time. The place is good for hiking too. You can get Mt.Fuji, Five tiered tower and cherry blossom all at once. The place is chosen for one of the 21 locations where all the photographers should go at least once in their lifetime.

Arakurayamasengen Park Arakurayamasengen Park


About15 min walk from station

Fuji Yoshida City Nishiura富士吉田市西裏界隈

The historical area

There used to have the biggest number of bars in Japan considering the population density. There are still many bars left where you can feel the sense of nostalgic Showa period in Japan. The Nishiura area is often used as film location since it has such an unique taste and atmosphere.

  • Fuji Yoshida Nishiura Area (Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi, Japan)
    5 min walk from Gekkoji station
  • Depends on the each shop
  • Depends on the each shop
  • Depends on the each shop
  • Depends on the each shop
  • Depends on the each shop

Nishiurakaiwai Nishiurakaiwai


About 15 min walk

Hostel & Salon SARUYAHostel & Salon SARUYA

The new type of guest house, hostel & salon SARUYA is a renovated house that used to be a vacant house.

Under the concept of "Town makes hotel fun, and hotel makes town fun", it was opened in July, 2015. The vacant house was renovated into the hotel. At SARUYA, you can enjoy learning Japanese and wearing Kimono with local people here. You'll have fun through communication with people here.

  • 3ー6ー26 ShimoYoshida, Fuji Yoshida City, Yamanashi, Japan
    10 min walk from Shimoyoshida station
  • Check-in 16:00 check-out 10:00
    No scheduled holidays
  • +81-555ー73ー8029
  • English and French speaking staff
  • Available
  • 1 Night 3,300yen

Hostel & Salon SARUYA Hostel & Salon SARUYA

2nd Day

Togawa's house旧外川家住宅

It's one of the World Heritages where the belief of Mt.Fuji was flourised.

Oshi is a person who took the ritual in between the spirits and prayer in Mt.Fuji. When hiking Mt.Fuji (praying ritual), he opened his house for people and let them stay. He was a key person who spread the belief of Mt.Fuji. The existence of Oshi is written in the book from Muromachi era. There were about 100 Oshi in this area at its peak, and you can take a look one of their houses.

  • 3-14-8 KamiYoshida Fuji Yoshida City, Yamanashi, Japan
    15 min walk from Fujiyama station
  • 9:30~17:00(Last entry 16:30)
    Every Tuesday (Next day will be closed if it was national holiday)
  • +81-555-22-1381
  • No English speaking staff. Audio guide is scheduled to set.
  • None
  • Adult 100 yen (80yen)・Students 50 yen (40 yen) ※() is a fee for group of more than 20.
    ※you can use Fujisan Museum's ticket. (Only available within a day) ※If you want to enter Fujisan Museum with Togawa house's ticket, please pay the rest so that you can enter it too.

Togawa's house Togawa's house


About 5 min walk (About 600m)


Let's eat the Oshi's cuisine,
the food eaten by the Mt.Fuji's hikers!

At the house of Oshi which has been running over 400 years, you can eat the Oshi cuisine that is eaten by the believers of Mt.Fuji when they hike up to the mountain. This shojin ryori used to be offered to purify your body. They don't use 4 legged animals in their dish, but use seasonal mountain vegetables and mushrooms. It's so healthy.

  • 6-7-3 KamiYoshida, Fuji Yoshida City, Yamanashi, Japan
    15 min walk from Fujiyama station
  • 12:30~14:00(※Please book 2 days before) 
  • +81-555-22-5059
  • No English speaking staff
  • None
  • 1500yen

tsutsuya tsutsuya


About 10 min walk (About 900m)

Kitaguchi-Honguu Fuji Sangen Shrine北口本宮冨士浅間神社

The starting point of Mt.Fuji

Kitaguchi-Honguu Fuji Sangen Shrine is a part of Mt.Fuji's World Heritages. This shrine was built to calm down the volcano, and has a 1900 year of history.
It has three important cultural assets including Honden, and one of them, Higashiguu Honden was reproduced by Shingen Takeda. It is the oldest asset.
Yoshida's fire festival held on every 26th and 27th August is also famous.

  • 5558 KamiYoshida Fuji Yoshida City, Yamanashi, Japan
    20 min walk from Fujiyama station
  • 9:00~17:00
  • +81-555-22-0221
  • No English speaking staff
  • Available

Kitaguchi-Honguu Fuji Sangen Shrine Kitaguchi-Honguu Fuji Sangen Shrine


About 10 min walk (About 1.1km)

Sato Farm佐藤農園

Experience farming at Sato Farm
which is located at the base of Mt.Fuji!

Sato Farm is located at the foot of Mt.Fuji.
In this farm, rice, flower and seasonal vegetables are cropped. It's a family run farm. The handmade miso is made of the Aohata soy beans harvested from this farm.
You can enjoy a various farming experiences such as picking up potatoes, rice planting, harvesting vegetables and making miso. It will be a pleasure experience under Mt.Fuji!

  • 450 Araya, Fuji Yoshida City, Yamanashi, Japan
    30 min walk from Fujiyama station / 10 min walk from Bus stop "Sunpark Fuji" or "Fujiyama Rader Dome-mae"
  • Please ask
  • +81-555-24-2917
    (You can also book Togawa's house)
  • English speaking staff (occasionally)
  • None
  • Please ask

Sato Farm Sato Farm


About 15 min walk (About 1.7km)

Fujisan Museumふじさんミュージアム

learn and shop at "Fujisan Museum"!

Here, you can learn about Mt.Fuji that has been loved by people. In this museum, there is exhibitions such as projection mapping and the guidance by the instructor.(Please book in advance)
At the 4th floor, there is a lounge "Fujisan lounge" where you can view Mt. Fuji. At the entrance, a museum shop is opened. You can join the workshops of making Fuda, calligraphy, and photoshooting.

  • 2288-1 KamiYoshida Fuji Yoshida City, Yamanashi, Japan
    15 min walk from bus stop "Sunpark Fuji" or "Fujiyama Rader Dome-mae"
  • 9:30~17:00(Last entry 16:30)
    Tuesday(Except national holiday/ Next day of national holiday(Except Sunday)/ New years day※No scheduled holidays until September
  • +81-555-24-2411
  • Audio guide is available in English and Japanese
  • Available
  • Adult 400yen(320yen) Student 200yen(160yen)
    Adult 800yen(600yen) Student 450yen(350yen)

Fujisan Museum Fujisan Museum

1st Day



Tadaima Japan

By just looking at it, Mt.Fuji gives us energy. Fuji Yoshida is the area where you can learn about the beliefs of Mt.Fuji and its culture. You can also experience farming with local people at the base of Mt.Fuji! Have a nice day cooking Yoshida Udon and chatting with the locals. Don't forget to bring your camera because there are many picturesque locations!

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