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30/06/2014 Life  Life&Language

Escalator etiquette in Japan

The mysterious escalator etiquette of Japan The golden rule of escalator etiquette in the Tokyo area is that persons who ‘stand’ on the escalator are to stay on the left side while people who ‘walk’ the escalator stay on the right side. In the Osaka area it is the opposite. It is very mysterious! Why, you ask? During a 1970 exposition in Osaka, it is speculated that the custom of moving on the left side was derived from Europe and America because of all the western visitors at the expo. 【writer Rei】

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03/02/2016 Culture

The Japanese manner of “お辞儀” (Ojigi: The Bow)


Have you ever seen the Japanese soccer player Nagatomo bowing after he scored his first goal after joining the Inter Milan soccer team?That scene was uploaded on YouTube and his performance was seen throughout the world. The “bow” is an inseparable manner from the Japanese, because it is one of the many, essential business manners in Japan. An adult who can’t properly bow, will be labeled naive. Although the “bow” is routinely used in Japan, Japanese people who understand it might not know everything about it. In what kind of situations do the Japanese bow? We bow to express salutation, gratitude, apologies, and respect. Nevertheless, we almost never use it […]

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12/11/2014 Culture

Enjoy Japanese food even more with magnificent “chopstick technique”!

Chopsticks are indispensable for eating a Japanese meal, so it’s worth learning how to use them properly Japanese food is becoming more popular with the many Japanese restaurants that are appearing all over the world. Chopsticks are essential for eating a Japanese meal. In Japan, adults who are not yet able to hold chopsticks correctly are sometimes regarded as an embarrassment, or as having missed out on being taught an essential discipline during their childhood. Foreigners who are not accustomed to using chopsticks can easily acquire good chopstick technique by learning a few of the tricks. This will improve their dinner table etiquette and they will enjoy their Japanese meals […]

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