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05/07/2018 Araki-Cho  Food & Drinks

A sushi restaurant with more than 100 years of history: Sushi Yachiyo

While sushi may be wherever you look in Tokyo, it makes sense to seek out quality at a great price….such a combination can be found at Sushi dokoro Yachiyo 鮨処八千代 located in the heart of Shinjuku city. Founded sometime during the Edo era (the exact date is lost in time), they have suppliers in every corner of Japan, and their thriving business has enabled them to open four more branches throughout Tokyo. Not an easy feat in a country that, according to some sources, boasts arounds 24000 different sushi places. Read on as we go into detail about the most famous sushi restaurant in Arakicho.

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22/07/2015 Food & Drinks  Seasonal

A beginner’s guide to Kakigoori (Shaved Ice), a Japanese Summer Classic Food

In this article I’d like to introduce you to shaved Ice, called ‘Kakigori’ in Japanese, a beloved and refreshing treat of the Japanese summer.

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20/01/2015 Food & Drinks

Enjoy eating ”anglerfish”, a high-grade deep-sea fish that is all edible!


It looks so grotesque! But what does it taste like? In Japan the recommended dish during the cold season is hot pot. Do you know the anglerfish? Its body looks like it was crushed from above, with a big head and a row of sharp teeth… It is a rather grotesque deep-sea fish. However, in contrast to its appearance, the anglerfish is actually a high-grade fish. Its taste is delicate! It is low in calories so it is popular among Japanese women as well. For the Japanese, it is one of the defining tastes of winter, and there is even a saying that goes “fugu in the west, anglerfish in […]

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17/07/2015 Culture  Seasonal

Let’s eat eel to survive the hot summer!“Doyo-no-ushi,” the day for eating eel.


Doyo-ushi-no-hi is one of the seasonal customs of Japan. “Doyo” refers to the period of 18 days that Japan has 4 times a year. Japan used to count the dates by the twelve horary signs (ex. Rat, Ox, Tiger, ect. ). The Ox day is called “Doyo-no-ushi”, and because it overlaps the hottest summer season in Japan, the custom of eating eel to get stamina had begun.

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08/09/2014 Food & Drinks

Enjoy a fun day on the train with “Ekiben,” a railway boxed meal.

There are a large variety of Ekiben available all around Japan. When you think of a trip on a train, you might think of the scenery from the train windows, chatting with friends, and the time you spend in general as a fun experience. In addition to this, “Ekiben”, or Obento (packed lunch) are sold at the train station as well as in the train itself and is part of this enjoyable experience. It is said that the Ekiben started on August 16th, 1885 when the “Riceball Bento” started being sold in Utsunomiya Station in Tochigi Prefecture. Many stations sell them now and there are a lot of unique Ekiben […]

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21/10/2014 Food & Drinks

You should try “Kushikatsu,” a special food of Osaka with a golden rule.

Unique foods of Osaka are not only “Takoyaki” and “Okonomiyaki”… Kushikatsu is also one of the many special foods of Osaka. It’s a prepared with pieces meat, fish, vegetables, and Japanese bread crumbs (panko) then, deep-fried and served on a skewer. It is said that one restaurant in the Shinsekai area of Osaka started serving Kushikatsu for the first time in 1930’s, but these days there are many restaurants like it all over Osaka. The meat, fish, and vegetables are cut in small pieces so, it’s easy to eat while enjoying the crunchy texture from the panko. What’s more…they are cheap! Follow the golden rule of the Kushikatsu Restaurant; “Do […]

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