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04/12/2014 Travel Destinations

How retro and exotic is that! ”Asakusa Chika-gai” is the oldest underground mall in Japan.

asakusa chikagai

The underground mall that opened 50 years ago has lots of quirky shops. “Asakusa Chika-gai” (literally, Asakusa underground mall) was opened in 1955. It has not been renovated for many years, and recently has been showing it’s age. Rain can often be seen leaking through crevices adding to the entertainment of the atmosphere. There are a variety of shops ranging from Chinese food to Thai food, Vietnamese food, Ramen, and even fortune telling and a hairdresser, all together generating a kind of nostalgic Asian atmosphere. How about getting a haircut for 700 yen? There are many “quirky” shops in the underground mall that might intrigue your curiosity. Among these shops […]

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22/05/2015 Travel Destinations

Had a cool journey to the Akagi Shrine, and then over to the BABEL BAR in Shinjuku with the movie director, Mr.Michihito Fujii!

Had a cool journey to the Akagi Shrine, and then over to the BABEL BAR in Shinjuku with the movie director, Mr.Michihito Fujii!

“Toco Toco T.V.,” a French T.V. Program that introduces Japanese culture! Toco Toco T.V. is a French television program where Japanese guests introduce their favorite places in Japan. Tadaima Japan is collaborating with Toco Toco T.V. and will pick up some of their programs from now on. Today, we will introduce Akagi Shrine located in Kagurazaka, Tokyo with the film director Mr.Michihito Fujii! We will also introduce the BABEL BAR in Shinjuku. Mr. Fujii introduced Kagurazaka. “I’ve lived here for 6 years no and this is my favorite neighborhood in Tokyo.” Kagurazaka, in Tokyo can be easily accessed from Shinjuku station and Tokyo station. This area is famous for having […]

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24/06/2015 Travel Destinations

Try out a public bath in Kagurazaka(Tokyo), located in an old red-light district!

Kagurazaka has Edo-period nostalgia! Shinjuku, in the middle of big city Tokyo, is where you’ll find many large chain stores along the street, but when you walk down the smaller, more narrow streets, you’ll find an atmosphere from Edo-period’s red-light district. At the peak of the Meiji era(1868~1912), there were over 700 geisha women working at local tea houses (ochaya). Today, there are still many expensive Japanese restaurants and historic spots. Did you know there is also a public bath in this town? ※Geisha:Geisha is commonly mistaken as a form of prostitution. Geisha usually welcome customers at the restaurant by singing, dancing, having friendly conversations, and provide hospitality and companionship […]

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07/09/2015 Travel Destinations

Let’s go and see the mysterious O-torii gate floating on the sea at night! : Illumination at Itsukushima Jinja Shrine

Itsukushima Shrine night view

Let’s hang out at Itsukushima Shrine at night after dinner. If you are staying overnight in Miyajima, I’d recommend seeing Itsukushima Shrine at night! At noon When we saw O-torii at low tide, there were a lot of people, but if you come here at night, it’s a little less busy. It’s hard to believe the silence and you can only hear the sound of the waves. We headed to Itsukushima Shrine after dinner to see the illumination. The mysterious O-Torii gate is a must see! Walking during night time at Itsukushima Shrine and witnessing it’s illuminated O-Torii is beautiful. The light reflects on the surface of the sea and […]

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10/10/2015 Travel Destinations

“The Umeda Sky Building” is popular among families during the day and couples at night.

The beautiful scenery from the Umeda Sky building

©Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau
The Umeda Sky Building was chosen as one of the “TOP 20 BUILDINGS AROUND THE WORLD” by British media, “The Times”. There is also a highway running through the building and you can view it from the 173-meter-high observation tower.

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11/02/2016 Travel Destinations

DON’T MISS IT! You can dance with Tuna fish at a nightclub in Tokyo! A special party thrown by the coolest Japanese party organizer!

”Tuna House”

I (NATSUKI) will be introducing ever changing Tokyo!
Today I will introduce a different kind of nightlife in Tokyo!
Afromance, the up and coming party organizer in Tokyo, held a very interesting event!

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13/12/2015 Festivals&Events

Sexy and grand! A report on a pole dance competition.

The venue

I (NATSUKI) will be introducing ever changing Tokyo!
I am reporting on the pole dance competition that was held on November 29th, 2015 at the Azabu Jyuuban club, “ELE TOKYO”.
Nights in Tokyo show exciting times. You will be captivated by the sexy dancers!

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29/05/2015 Foods & Drinks

Good Okinawan food comes with great sake and a show! Chinuman, the Okinawan restaurant is a must visit.

Chinuman entrance

Taste fresh seafood and Okinawa’s best sake! Okinawan restaurant, Chinuman is a chain restaurant that is open at 8 locations in Okinawa. The entrance is already emitting Okinawa’s vibrant vibes that will excite you even more. Their recommendation is fresh sashimi that is affordable with good quality. Other than that, Okinawa’s regular culinary pork rafutee, Goya-chanpuru, and Beniimo-croquett are also very popular. These are the ‘must things to try’ when visiting Okinawa. The selection of sake is also one of their specialties, with so many kinds of Awamori gathered from all over Okinawa, they go well with the traditional Okinawa dish, Goya-chanpuruu (stir fried eggs and bitter Okinawan vegetables). It’s […]

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26/08/2015 Foods & Drinks

Enjoy Japanese street food at “Ameyoko”, a popular destination in Ueno.“Hama-chan”

Ueno Ameyoko

Hi~! I’m Momo, a sushi girl! I introduce sushi restaurants and shops where you can enjoy seafood! This time, I’ll introduce a local fish concession. The place is called “Hama-chan”, at Ameyoko in Ueno.

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16/09/2015 Foods & Drinks

If you want to enjoy tasty sake and seasonal food, eat at “Sorakyu”! (Hiroshima)

A plate of assorted sashimi

The Izakaya, Sorakyu opened in 2010 and is named after a sake cup. A variety of Japanese sake and seasonal foods are available.

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