10/03/2017 Destinations

Real-life locations that inspired Japan’s hit animation movie “Your Name”


“Your Name” still remains popular despite coming out more than half a year ago!
To further experience the movie, I will show you the real-life locations that inspired the movie.

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05/03/2017 Destinations

The Keage Incline in Kyoto is a great photo spot! Walk on the train tracks in a shower of falling cherry blossom petals.


Each year during the cherry blossom season, the Keage Incline shows us beautiful scenery. You can enjoy walking along beautiful rows of cherry blossom trees on both sides of the railroad tracks. It’s a special place that I want to tell everyone about, but at the same time I don’t.

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04/03/2017 Destinations

Yawaragi no michi along the Nanatani River, is a hidden place to see gorgeous cherry blossoms in Kameoka, Kyoto.

Kameoka city in Kyoto is my favorite place to enjoy beautiful nature and delicious food. It is located 8 minutes by train from Arashiyama, the most popular tourist site in Kyoto.
I will give you a great tip for a cherry blossom viewing spot, only the local people know.

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03/03/2017 Destinations  Events

From Sakura to Fresh green in Sumida riverside, neighbor area of Asakusa and the Tokyo Skytree tower

Sumida River is located between Asakusa area and the Tokyo sky tree tower area. Both famous sightseeing spots are within a 10-15min walk. Sakura festivals are held during Sakura season. The lines of Sakura trees beautifully decorate the river bank. Let’s see how you can enjoy spring season at Sumida riverbank. Brief history of Sumida river Sakura trees Sumida riverside is one of the most famous Tokyo Hanami spots. The history dates back to middle of the 18th century. A Tokugawa Shogunate ordered to plant Sakura cherry trees alongside the river for the ordinary citizens. Thanks to the shogun, the Edo citizens started socializing under Sakura trees. In addition, the […]

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07/02/2017 Culture  Destinations

Great places to see cherry blossoms in Fukuoka! Tochoji temple and Maizuru Park

When you hear the phrase “Spring time in Japan”, what do you think of?
Yes, it’ll be Sakura, or cherry blossoms! Tadaima Japan will introduce many cherry blossom viewing spots in various places of Japan! Cherry blossoms have been loved by Japanese people from ancient times because of their short-lived beauty that only happens for a limited time every year.
This time I will introduce two famous places in Fukuoka Prefecture to see cherry blossoms that I, personally recommend!

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25/11/2015 Destinations

Stay in Tokyo like local people do! Hotel Graphy, where you can enjoy the real Tokyo.

Hotel Graphy

The Yanesen area is popular among foreign tourists. I visited Hotel Graphy in the Yanesen area, popular among foreign tourists. There is an area called Yanesen, which takes about 10 minutes by train from Tokyo station.(Yanesen is the area of Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi.) When you think of Tokyo, you might imagine skyscrapers and elaborate buildings, but this area is very different. At night it gets very dark, and you may not even realize you’re in Tokyo. You’ll find museums, a zoo in Ueno Park, and a popular old shopping street. Many foreign tourists come here to experience traditional culture, art, and the history of Japan. Friendly staff will welcome […]

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23/04/2016 Destinations

Let’s stroll around town in a Kimono! Ningyo Town and its traditional Japanese culture.


The Tadaima Japan Editorial Team visited Ningyo-cho with K, who was visiting for her first time. From a healthy Tofu lunch, a relaxing park where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms, to eating foods on Amazake yokocho street, I’ll show you a recommended route for Ningyo-cho by explaining its history and culture.

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17/02/2015 Destinations

Enjoy an early spring! How about “Kawazu Cherry Blossoms” that will be in their peak soon?

Early-flowering Kawazu Cherry Blossoms are now in bloom in Shizuoka! It will still be cold for some time, but already we can hardly wait for spring to come. Many think of “cherry blossoms” when speaking of a Japanese spring. There is a cherry blossom that will be in full bloom while it’s still cold. This is the Kawazu Cherry Blossom. Kawazu Cherry Blossoms are cherry blossoms that flower early in February. You can see them mainly in Kawazu, Shizuoka. The most common cherry blossom in Japan is called “Somei-Yoshino”, but the Kawazu Cherry Blossom is richer in color than Somei-Yoshino, and have very colorful and beautiful flowers. They were originally […]

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12/11/2015 Destinations

The season for exams has come to Japan! Why not visit the “Yusima Tenmangu Shrine”, where the god of wisdom dwells?

Yushima Tenmangu

Yushima Tenmangu is a shrine located in Yushima, Bunkyo ward. It can be accessed in 2 minutes by foot from the Tokyo Metro, Yushima station. It was established in 458 A.D. to enshrine Amenotajikara-no-mikoto. In 1355, Sugawara-no-Michizane was also invited to pray, and is now worshipped as the god of wisdom.

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25/11/2016 Destinations  Events  Foods & Drinks

Ukiyo-e art, Edo food, and Sumo, Ryōgoku is full of Entertainment!


Ryōgoku was the area where the ordinary people of Edo gathered. Their culture has been passed down to present day locals and has given the area unique tastes. Ukiyo-e art, Edo food, and Sumo cultures have been improved upon since. This winter (2016), you’ll not be able to take your eyes off the Ryōgoku area.

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27/04/2016 Destinations

Energy food for Sumo wrestlers, Chanko-Nabe (includes restaurant info)【Ryogoku】


After watching Sumo Wrestling in Ryogoku, you might question how the Sumo wrestlers maintain their large and powerful bodies. Are they eating unhealthy food every day? No. They eat a notoriously healthy dish that makes their bodies strong. Chanko Nabe (Hot Pot with miscellaneous ingredients) is crucial energy for the fighters.

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03/08/2015 Destinations

A former Miko will guide you through the most popular destination among foreign visitors, “Fushimi Inari-taisha” !

Senbon-torii gate

It is said that there are about 30,000 Inari-jinja Shrines throughout Japan. Inari-taisha is commonly known as a God that enshrines rice, or is a shrine to pray for a large harvest of rice, for people of all ages. Fushimi Inari-taisha is the leading shrine of all Inari-jinja Shrines in Japan.

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