12/12/2015 Travel Destinations

You can go for 2 days and 1 night~A hidden trip in Shizuoka~Vol. 5 The hidden location on the water, 『Okuooi Kojou Station』!

Okuooi Kojou Station

Okuooi Kojou, the station that floats on a lake. It’s definitely a sight to see! You can get there by walking over the rain bridge and there are many amazing spots along the way!

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03/08/2015 Travel Destinations

A former Miko will guide you through the most popular destination among foreign visitors, “Fushimi Inari-taisha” !

Senbon-torii gate

It is said that there are about 30,000 Inari-jinja Shrines throughout Japan. Inari-taisha is commonly known as a God that enshrines rice, or is a shrine to pray for a large harvest of rice, for people of all ages. Fushimi Inari-taisha is the leading shrine of all Inari-jinja Shrines in Japan.

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23/04/2016 Travel Destinations

Let’s stroll around town in a Kimono! Ningyo Town and its traditional Japanese culture.


The Tadaima Japan Editorial Team visited Ningyo-cho with K, who was visiting Japan for the very first time. From a healthy tofu lunch, a relaxing park to enjoy the cherry blossoms, to eating foods at Amazake Yokocho Street, I’ll show you a recommended route for Ningyo-cho.

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22/06/2016 Seasonal  Travel Destinations

Let’s admire the hydrangea during the rainy season in Japan!


What kind of colors and shapes are hydrangeas in your country? Did you know that the original species of hydrangea is actually in Japan? The Japanese hydrangea often has a blue color and are very beautiful during the rainy season! When you carefully look at the hydrangea, the color is different in each stock even though it’s the same type of hydrangea. Today, I’d like to show you the reason why!

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25/11/2016 Festivals&Events  Foods & Drinks  Travel Destinations

Ukiyo-e art, Edo food, and Sumo, Ryōgoku is full of Entertainment!


Ryōgoku was the area where the ordinary people of Edo gathered. Their culture has been passed down to present day locals and has given the area unique tastes. Ukiyo-e art, Edo food, and Sumo cultures have been improved upon since. This winter (2016), you’ll not be able to take your eyes off the Ryōgoku area.

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26/03/2016 Destinations  Travel Destinations

Let’s relax at Shiraito Falls in Shizuoka Prefecture after visiting Mt. Fuji!

Shiraito Falls

There are several waterfalls called Shiraito in Japan, and the most famous is in Shizuoka Prefecture. It is relatively large compared to others in Japan and its appeal is more feminine than masculine. It feels much colder than the actual temperature, so don’t forget to bring warm clothes. There are two major ways to get there from Tokyo.

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17/10/2014 Foods & Drinks

“Kawara Soba,” the regional cuisine you definitely want to try when you visit Yamaguchi Prefecture

A clue about the unique cooking method is that it stems from battle Let me introduce a unique regional cuisine that utilizes kawara tile, a material used traditionally for roofs in Japan. In the City of Shimonoseki, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, there is a local cuisine called “kawara soba” that consists of “cha-soba”, or noodles with tea kneaded into the dough and various toppings that are served on a heated kawara tile. Where did the idea of serving food on a kawara tile come from? In 1887 Japan experienced what would become its final civil war. There are stories from that time talking about the intervals between long field battles in […]

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10/06/2015 Travel Destinations

Enjoy a natural aquarium in the Kerama ocean waters of Zamami Island!

zamami Island

You can enjoy a variety of marine activities in the ocean waters around Zamami Island Island. As we had previously introduced, Zamami Island is located near Naha, and is proud of its surrounding clear waters. You can experience a variety of marine sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. This time we visited the Kerama Ocean waters and found a place that offers snorkeling from a glass bottom boat. The glass bottom boat is unique in that it allows you to conveniently view the under water beauty of the ocean water and could be considered part of a ‘natural aquarium’. If you want to get closer to the underwater life, snorkeling […]

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25/05/2015 Goods  Seasonal

The arrival of rain in Japan: Be prepared for it and enjoy “Tsuyu,” the infamous rainy season!


From Spring to Summer Spring is the nicest season of the year, but soon it will be the rainy season which will last for about a month. In Japan, this is called “tsuyu.” Tsuyu occurs in most regions of Japan except for Hokkaido and the Ogasawara Islands. Other Asian countries also experience tsuyu at around the same time and they are considered to be some of the rainiest climates in the world. The word Tsuyu (梅雨), literally meaning “Ume and Rain,” was brought from China, and it is said that the word is derived from the way that Ume, or Japanese apricots, ripen during this season. Different ways to call […]

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