17/05/2018 Araki-Cho  Culture  Shinto  Travel Destinations

A walk around ‘Your name’ real-life locations and related places in Yotsuya, Tokyo (Part 1)

Did you know that most Tokyo locations that can be seen in ‘You name’ are real places that you can visit and are easily covered by foot?
In the first part of this article I will cover the ones in the Yotsuya area that appear in the end of the movie, and include a map for you to have an easy walk around.
In the second part, I will introduce you to a very nice café nearby where the director of the movie himself had a stop in!
SPOILER ALERT: If you are among the rare people to have not watched Makoto Shinkai’s worldwide acclaimed movie ‘Your Name’ (‘Kimi no na wa’) yet, please note that this article contains a major spoiler about the end of the movie.

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16/02/2018 Araki-Cho  Culture  Travel Destinations

My stay at Tadaima Japan Shinjuku Ryokan

You’ve probably heard about it: Tadaima Japan has opened its own ryokan at the end of last year in the middle of Araki-cho (Shinjuku district, in Tokyo). I was asked to stay a night in this new establishment to test it and improve the service. As did David here , I’d like to share my impressions with you readers.

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26/04/2018 Araki-Cho  Foods & Drinks

VOWZ BAR, a bar managed by real Buddhist monks!

The editor-in-chief of the Japanese version of Tadaima Japan, Mr. Shigenobu, had invited me to discover two vegetarian friendly bars in Arakicho, his beloved drinking place. In my previous article, I talked about our visit to Bar Botanical, a cozy place loved by the local working women.
Today I will talk about our next destination, VOWZ BAR, a bar owned and managed by… Buddhist monks!

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05/04/2018 Araki-Cho  Foods & Drinks

Nonki, a famous restaurant where you can enjoy non-fatty Japanese beef and also try “Horumonyaki”, a little known Japanese delicacy

“I want to eat Japanese beef. It is tender and tasty, better than any other beef I have every had” I told my friend Shigenobu-san, an Arakicho regular who knows all the good places in this tiny area famous for being a gourmet town. Shigenobu-san thought for a bit and replied “So let’s go to Nonki! they serve great Japanese beef, among other things.” Little did I know that these “other things” would lead me to new discoveries in the world of Japanese cuisine that I thought I knew so well….

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30/01/2018 Araki-Cho  Foods & Drinks

ITOI, a casual restaurant where you can try new kinds of tempura while drinking and comparing sake from around Japan

If you have had tempura before you might feel you know everything you need to know about this dish introduced to Japan by the Portuguese half a millennium ago. It’s basically shrimp and various vegetables battered and deep-fried, right? Tempura Dining ITOI will surprise you with the variety of foods they can turn into tempura, which you can enjoy while sipping one of the many interesting sakes on the menu.

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15/12/2017 Araki-Cho  Travel Destinations

Sainenji, a buddhist temple that houses the spear of the famous samurai and ninja Hattori Hanzo also known as the “Demon Hanzo”

Sainenji temple 西念寺 was built by Hattori Hanzo 服部半蔵 in the year 1590 in memory of the first son of his lord, the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. Hattori Hanzo donated his fighting spear or “Yari” to the temple and was buried on the temple grounds after his death in 1596 at the age of 55.

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10/02/2018 Araki-Cho  Culture

The Shinjuku Historical Museum: a nicely arranged museum with interesting exhibits of Tokyo’s past

If you’re stuck in Tokyo on a rainy day, how about visiting a museum and learning about the history of Shinjuku? It might sound boring, but Shinjuku city has done an excellent job of creating an interesting museum even for those who can’t read Japanese. Only few areas may be taken in photo – the rest you will have to discover with your own eyes.

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23/03/2018 Araki-Cho  Travel Destinations

Learn about Tokyo’s past through its history of fighting fire and educate yourself about modern fire prevention at the Fire Museum

The Fire Museum, or “Shobo Hakubutsukan”消防博物館, located on the intersection above the Yotsuya san-chome station, is Japan’s only museum entirely dedicated to firefighting. Established in 1992, within the Yotsuya fire station building, it is a modern museum with many well-made exhibits spread over 4 floors and the basement. Entry to the museum is free and will also give you access to the observatory on the 10th floor.

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08/05/2018 Araki-Cho  Foods & Drinks

Don’t miss famous Youtuber John Daub’s ‘Only in Japan Go’ live stream in collaboration with Tadaima Japan next Thursday !

On Thursday May 10, the famous TV and YouTube personality John Daub will be live streaming a visit to the Arakicho neighborhood, a hidden gourmet town in Central Tokyo. His Only in Japan website and Only in Japan Go youtube channel feature numerous Japan-related videos. Follow us LIVE on YouTube as we introduce : 1) Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant Suzushin from 1pm YouTube ⇒ Tokyo’s Secret Gourmet Town | Arakicho, Shinjuku  Suzushin is the most famous Tonkatsu restaurant in the Arakicho area. Please click on the article below to read more about it: Suzushin, a restaurant where you can enjoy a great Tonkatsu in a traditional setting and friendly atmosphere […]

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11/03/2018 Culture  Foods & Drinks

How to choose a good “Nihonshu” or Japanese sake?

When one thinks of Japan, one thinks of Japanese sake. If you are visiting Japan, you’ll certainly want to try some and maybe even bring back a bottle as a souvenir. However there are many different kinds of sake, with different tastes and drinking-styles. How can you choose one to try or buy among the huge selection available in most restaurants and stores, especially when all the information is written in the indecipherable kanji? Do not despair! The bottle label contains a wealth of clues on what the inside tastes like.

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30/03/2018 Araki-Cho  Seasonal

Shinjuku Gyoen through the Seasons

One of the best things about staying at the Tadaima Japan Shinjuku Ryokan is its location in Araki-Cho, Shinjuku. Most of Tokyo’s most popular attractions are a short subway ride away and several more are within walking (or jogging) distance.
Considered by many to be Tokyo’s most beautiful park, Shinjuku Gyoen is a vast, refreshing greenspace that’s only 1.5 kilometers from Araki-Cho. Unlike most parks in Tokyo, there’s a small fee of 200 yen to enter. Don’t let that deter you, though. Shinjuku Gyoen is well worth the investment. Read on to find out why.

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10/02/2018 Araki-Cho

Araki-Cho: a runner’s hub for exploring Tokyo

Traveling offers a break from the usual routine and is often an opportunity for reflection, relaxation, and discovering new things. Fitness, however, is one routine that many travelers maintain wherever they are in the world. For runners, the sheer size and density of Tokyo can be intimidating at first. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll find that Tokyo’s clean air and ample greenery make it ideal for city running. Additionally, Tokyo’s incredible public transportation network and hospitable residents ensure that you are never in any real danger of getting lost or stranded. Looking for a great starting point to access Tokyo’s most famous attractions on foot? Look no further […]

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04/03/2018 Araki-Cho  Culture  Foods & Drinks  Workshop

Stay at our ryokan and learn how to cook onigiri with a Japanese mom!

Onigiri、often described in English as ‘rice balls’ are hard to miss if you come to Japan. You will find them in every convenience store, supermarket, and even in specialized shops. But what about learning how to make them with a Japanese mom?

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03/03/2018 Araki-Cho  Culture  Workshop

Wearing the tradition: the experience of being dressed in a kimono

Kimono is probably one of the most famous Japanese words, an emblem of the traditional Japanese culture worldwide. Consequently, it is very understandable that tourists in Japan wish to try, or even buy one when they are visiting Japan. However, wearing a kimono yourself is not easy if you have not been taught how. On top of that, many places offering kimono rental and dress-up services, by fear of having their products getting stained, only offer a limited, low quality fabric selection.
So when I was offered the opportunity to meet a kimono professional and be dressed in a carefully selected, authentic kimono, I accepted without even thinking twice.

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12/12/2017 Araki-Cho  Culture

Where you can find the traces of Edo,Meiji and Showa period

The town was the residence of a powerful Japanese feudal lord in the Edo period Araki town, which is in between Yotsuya-sanchome Station of the Marunouchi Line and the Tsunokamizakadori once was the residence of the powerful Japanese feudal lord, Matsudaira Settsu Yoshiyuki from the Takasu clan. The whole town is unique with its narrow alleys and stairs which surround the town. Streets wide enough for cars to pass by is limited, but this can be explained by its history with the whole area was used as the residence of the feudal lord. After the Meiji period, the gardens and ponds were accessible by the public. The town flourished with […]

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02/01/2018 Araki-Cho  Culture

Dive into the history of Arakicho experiencing the U-shaped town

Tokyo is a city with elevation of the floor varying in different locations (?) When you look at the map of Japan, you can spot the Kanto plain is wide and town was easily able to spread. The plain is structured with valleys formed by rivers that extends to the Tokyo Bay. For this geography, it is thought that there have been no issues with the supply of water and the water transport routes prospered the city. A village was created in the valley along the river, and the ridge portion extending above the valley became the main road. Currently, the bridge is built which is created so that you […]

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11/10/2017 Araki-Cho  Culture  Travel Destinations

Many slopes, temples and shrines, and the maze-like back alleys of the gourmet area; Yotsuya Arakicho and temple district in Shinjuku.

Are you aware that the area around Yotsuya-sanchome station in Shinjuku has a lot to see?
Located around the station, ‘Arakicho town’ in a maze of stone-paved alleys, and ‘the Yotsuya temple district’ with about 25 temples and shrines, are next to each other with Shinjuku-dori Avenue running in between. Both areas are fine places to stroll around. You will encounter the old history and various nostalgic moments here and there.
I wanted this area to be private, but I’ve got to tell you after all! Let’s walk around this appealing Yotsuya area together!

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10/12/2017 Araki-Cho  Culture

Explore the finest restaurants in the back alleys of Arakicho

How the alleys of Arakicho is formed “路地の名店” (finest restaurants in the back alleys) is a phrase used in Japanese. “路地” (roji, meaning “passageway”) originates from the character “露地” (roji, meaning “small garden or park). Since Japan is a small island and uses its land effectively, land used as small gardens or parks was only found in the feudal lord’s residence. The land was used to build houses, and only had space for narrow passageways, which the word, “roji” was referred to “narrow alleys” and not “small gardens and parks” from this reason. The alleys were not just used as a passageway but was also a place of communication for […]

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11/12/2017 Araki-Cho  Culture

Enjoy the remains of the Showa period left in Arakicho

A town which continues to leave its history remaining, Arakicho In recent years, there has been some attention to the Showa period (1926-1989). Currently, Japan is in the Heisei period, the era corresponding to the Showa period. The Showa period ended on the day of the death of the Emperor Hirohito, 8th of January, 1989. Just then, the evolution of IT began, information became standardized, large shopping malls opened, which changed the consumers’ shopping style. The young generation that did not experience the Showa period is attracted to the human traits of the Showa culture. As a result, shops and towns which the “Showa” traits remain are popular not just […]

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24/12/2015 Travel Destinations

Grab an English map and have a look at the stylish, retro restaurants at the foot of Mt. Fuji!

Mt. Fuji

The hidden restaurants and bars that you don’t know about, are here! There are many great Japanese restaurants such as yakitori, sushi, soba, and even bars around the Fujisan station at the Fuji Express Line. These shops are popular among local people, but they are located hidden areas. Recently, new stylish cafés and restaurants have opened up and it creates a cool, new atmosphere in the town. You MUST eat Udon noodles in Yoshida! Enjoyed for over 500 years, Yoshida’s Udon is “The Dish” of Yoshida city. It is said that people used to eat the udon to purify their body before climbing the mountain. There are more than 70 […]

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03/08/2015 Travel Destinations

A former Miko will guide you through the most popular destination among foreign visitors, “Fushimi Inari-taisha” !

Senbon-torii gate

It is said that there are about 30,000 Inari-jinja Shrines throughout Japan. Inari-taisha is commonly known as a God that enshrines rice, or is a shrine to pray for a large harvest of rice, for people of all ages. Fushimi Inari-taisha is the leading shrine of all Inari-jinja Shrines in Japan.

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23/04/2016 Travel Destinations

Let’s stroll around town in a Kimono! Ningyo Town and its traditional Japanese culture.


The Tadaima Japan Editorial Team visited Ningyo-cho with K, who was visiting Japan for the very first time. From a healthy tofu lunch, a relaxing park to enjoy the cherry blossoms, to eating foods at Amazake Yokocho Street, I’ll show you a recommended route for Ningyo-cho.

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