11/10/2017 Culture  Travel Destinations

Many slopes, temples and shrines, and the maze-like back alleys of the gourmet area; Yotsuya Arakicho and temple district in Shinjuku.

Are you aware that the area around Yotsuya-sanchome station in Shinjuku has a lot to see?
Located around the station, ‘Arakicho town’ in a maze of stone-paved alleys, and ‘the Yotsuya temple district’ with about 25 temples and shrines, are next to each other with Shinjuku-dori Avenue running in between. Both areas are fine places to stroll around. You will encounter the old history and various nostalgic moments here and there.
I wanted this area to be private, but I’ve got to tell you after all! Let’s walk around this appealing Yotsuya area together!

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29/10/2015 Seasonal  Travel Destinations

See Tokyo’s best autumn foliage at Jinguu Gaien! “The Gingko festival” has breathtaking beauty.

The Gingko festival

Jingu Gaien is the Western garden located in between Minato-ku and Shinjuku-ku in Tokyo. You’ll find a baseball stadium here and the park is known as an oasis for Tokyoites. Gingko street was built in 1923, almost around the same time when the Jinguu Gaien was constructed. There are 146 trees that are all more than 100 years old. The street is 300-meters long with trees planted every 9-meters, creating the beautiful gingko street scenery.

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27/04/2016 Travel Destinations

Energy food for Sumo wrestlers, Chanko-Nabe (includes restaurant info)【Ryogoku】


After watching Sumo Wrestling in Ryogoku, you might question how the Sumo wrestlers maintain their large and powerful bodies. Are they eating unhealthy food every day? No. They eat a notoriously healthy dish that makes their bodies strong. Chanko Nabe (Hot Pot with miscellaneous ingredients) is crucial energy for the fighters.

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07/11/2015 Travel Destinations

Let’s go to see the illumination at “Kenrokuen”, one of the top three gardens in Japan!


The autumn foliage is illuminated at Kenrokuen! Look at this beautiful sight! Kenrokuen is home to 340 maples, 60 Japanese Zelkova, and 420 various other trees. During November, these trees are all illuminated and what a spectacular sight it is! How about taking a walk in anticipation for winter? It’s also nice to see the autumn foliage during the daytime. Please take a look how beautiful it is. during the day time. You can enjoy Kenrokuen throughout the whole year. A Japanese garden that was created by domain leaders. Kenrokuen has a large pond, a small mountain, and a tea room, all part of its Kaiyushiki teien-style garden. Every season […]

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13/10/2015 Foods & Drinks  Seasonal

Japan’s autumn flavor of the “Matsutake”, the king of mushrooms!


Matsutake is a popular autumnal food in Japan. It is said to have the taste of a shimeji mushroom, even though it still smells like a Matsutake mushroom. Its grown in Japan and considered very expensive.

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26/10/2015 Seasonal  Travel Destinations

Our recommended route for a day trip to Kyoto’s Mt. Arashiyama, famous for its autumn foliage!(MOVIE)

We’ll show you the colors of autumn, Japan’s most beautiful season. Following the “Higashiyama Collection”, We’ll introduce you the colors of autumn in Kyoto with our footage filmed last year. This time, it’s the “Arashiyama Collection”. In this video, we introduce 5 different spots and you can actually see them all in one day! Please enjoy. A:“Hogon-in Temple”,the best autumn foliage spot in Arashiyama and also good to visit at night. Hogon-in Temple is famous for its beautiful garden and is open to the public from December 6th. You can see the Garden of Shishiku and beautiful scenery of Mt. Arasiyama. It’s usually not available to see, so there will […]

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24/12/2015 Travel Destinations

Grab an English map and have a look at the stylish, retro restaurants at the foot of Mt. Fuji!

Mt. Fuji

The hidden restaurants and bars that you don’t know about, are here! There are many great Japanese restaurants such as yakitori, sushi, soba, and even bars around the Fujisan station at the Fuji Express Line. These shops are popular among local people, but they are located hidden areas. Recently, new stylish cafés and restaurants have opened up and it creates a cool, new atmosphere in the town. You MUST eat Udon noodles in Yoshida! Enjoyed for over 500 years, Yoshida’s Udon is “The Dish” of Yoshida city. It is said that people used to eat the udon to purify their body before climbing the mountain. There are more than 70 […]

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31/07/2014 Travel Destinations

Purify your mind at a Zen temple: A stay at Rokuo-in

Our temple offers accommodation exclusively for women, so you can feel comfortable staying even on your own. Rokuo-in is located near Togetsu-kyo Bridge in Arashiyama, which is a famous sightseeing spot in Kyoto. Our temple enjoys a fine reputation for its autumn foliage, and also offers accommodation, exclusively for women. Open the paper sliding screens of the reception hall to views of our beautiful, Arashiyama-inspired traditional dry landscape garden. We are sure you will enjoy a peaceful, quiet night, staying in our temple. Our curfew is at 7:30 p.m. The next morning, guests participate in zazen meditation in the reliquary hall from 6:50 a.m. Closing your eyes, listen only to […]

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03/08/2015 Travel Destinations

A former Miko will guide you through the most popular destination among foreign visitors, “Fushimi Inari-taisha” !

Senbon-torii gate

It is said that there are about 30,000 Inari-jinja Shrines throughout Japan. Inari-taisha is commonly known as a God that enshrines rice, or is a shrine to pray for a large harvest of rice, for people of all ages. Fushimi Inari-taisha is the leading shrine of all Inari-jinja Shrines in Japan.

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23/04/2016 Travel Destinations

Let’s stroll around town in a Kimono! Ningyo Town and its traditional Japanese culture.


The Tadaima Japan Editorial Team visited Ningyo-cho with K, who was visiting Japan for the very first time. From a healthy tofu lunch, a relaxing park to enjoy the cherry blossoms, to eating foods at Amazake Yokocho Street, I’ll show you a recommended route for Ningyo-cho.

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17/10/2014 Foods & Drinks

“Kawara Soba,” the regional cuisine you definitely want to try when you visit Yamaguchi Prefecture

A clue about the unique cooking method is that it stems from battle Let me introduce a unique regional cuisine that utilizes kawara tile, a material used traditionally for roofs in Japan. In the City of Shimonoseki, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, there is a local cuisine called “kawara soba” that consists of “cha-soba”, or noodles with tea kneaded into the dough and various toppings that are served on a heated kawara tile. Where did the idea of serving food on a kawara tile come from? In 1887 Japan experienced what would become its final civil war. There are stories from that time talking about the intervals between long field battles in […]

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