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10/03/2017 Araki-Cho  Travel Destinations

Real-life locations that inspired Japan’s hit animation movie “Your Name”


“Your Name” still remains popular despite coming out more than half a year ago!
To further experience the movie, I will show you the real-life locations that inspired the movie.

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03/05/2017 Festivals & Events  Food & Drinks

New menu is released! 「Your Name」Themed Café in Ikebukuro Parco in Tokyo now OPEN!

The ever so popular themed café for the 2016 hit animation movie, [Your Name] has reopened! On April 26th 2017, the café will open in Parco in Ikebukuro. Along with its reappearance, there is also a new menu waiting for you!

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01/09/2014 Travel Destinations

Let’s find “Kawaii” on “Takeshita Street” in Harajuku

model/left:Rinata、right:Rinana Worldwide Japanese fashion originated here. When asked, “Where is the popular area for fashion among young people in Tokyo,” one might think of the Harajuku district. Harajuku is the center of youth oriented culture and fashion and contains many smaller backstreets. One such backstreet, Takeshita Street, measures 350-meters in length, slopes gradually from Harajuku station toward Meiji Street and is very popular among tourists. The nearest station to Takeshita Street is the JR Harajuku station. Constructed in 1924, it’s the oldest station made of wood in Tokyo. Its British style design is also very impressive. As Takeshita Street is closed to all vehicles from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M., […]

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