Why not make a wish for love and fortune at a mystical place?

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11/12/2014 Travel Destinations

A shrine that grants only 1 wish for women! We call it ”Ishigami-san” in Toba city, Mie Prefecture.


What is “Ishigami-san”? There is a small town of fishermen and female divers called “Ōsatsu” in Toba city, Mie Prefecture. There is a small shrine on the approach to Shinmei Shrine known by people as Ishigami-san. The enshrined deva, “Tamayori-hime” has a 60cm long stone as a monument and through the ages, female divers in Ōsatsu have prayed for safety while diving and a good catch while fishing. This is why Ishigami-san is said to grant 1 wish for women. Nowadays, many people are continuously coming to this Shrine from all over Japan. TV stars and athletes come here secretly and even some athletes, who had won a gold medal […]

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29/12/2014 Travel Destinations

Make your first visit to “Izumo Taisha Shrine,” the location of Japan’s most famous matchmaking God


The oldest Shrine in Japan. Okuni-nishi-no kami is a deity of matchmaking and is enshrined at Izumo Taisha Shrine. Its establishment is written in “Kojiki,” the oldest history book in Japan, created in 712. The shrine is 27,000 square meters wide and comprised of a front Shrine, 8 auxiliary Shrines, 3 subordinate Shrines, a library, and Shouko-Kan, a structure that houses items considered national treasures of Japan. The main shrine was built in 1744 and measures 24 meters high. This structure has the oldest architectural style of any Shrine and was made using only natural wood. Kagura hall is located in the west part of the main hall. It has […]

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12/01/2015 Travel Destinations

The Holy “Akagi Shrine” is located at the top of Mt.Akagi


The faith from the Shrine is derived from the Mountain Akagi Shrine is located in Maebashi-city, Gunma Prefecture. It exists at the top of Mt. Akagi, which has an elevation of 1300 meters. Being surrounded by vast nature and Lake Onuma, this Shrine will heal you with its holy energy. Akagi Daimyojin is enshrined here, and along with Mt. Akagi and Lake Onuma being considered enshrinements, all three have been worshiped since ancient times. 【Photo by Yuri Suzuki】 Pray to the Koi fish. There is a religious tradition that involves making a wish to Koi fish (carp) and releasing them into the lake. When the wish comes true, people are […]

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06/02/2015 Travel Destinations

The waterfall “Deai-daki” in Izu Peninsula brings you true love!?

Let’s walk around the beautiful waterfall area of ”Kawazu-Nanadaru,” found in a popular volcanic locale. Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture is famous for its beautiful calm sea and it’s lush green plateaus. There’s a lot to see in this beautiful area and I’d like to introduce a waterfall area rich in water. The effects of lava flow from the surrounding volcanoes created the picturesque area. 7 different waterfalls can be found along the river from upstream to downstream and are collectively called “Kawazu-Nanadaru” (Kawazu’s seven waterfalls). The waterfall, ”Taki” has been called ”Taru” since the Heian period (794-1185) and is said that it’s name is derived from the condition of water […]

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25/02/2015 Travel Destinations

Gather ye rosebud while you may! A spiritual place where you can pray for romance called, “Tokyo Daijingu.”

The shrine for romance, connecting hearts, and giving happiness… Men and women of all ages have experienced being lovesick. Some hope to have a happy marriage, some want to meet a nice person, and some hope to be with their lover forever. Many women come here to pray for these love-related wishes and Tokyo Daijingu has all to offer. This Shrine is located 5 minutes by foot from Iidabashi station. People admire the Shrine just as they admire Tokyo’s Ise-jingu Shrine, which enshrines Zoka-sanshin, the three gods of creation. There are rumors among young women that you will find a boyfriend or get married if you come here and pray, […]

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25/06/2015 Travel Destinations

Make a wish to the stars! Enjoy the Tanabata festival at“Kanda-myojin Shrine”, where the God of matchmaking is enshrined! July 7th

Tanabata is a romantic story from the twinkling night sky. There is a custom in Japan on July 7th, to write down your wish and hang it up on a bamboo leaf. You can see Lyra and Aquila over the Milky Way in the northern hemisphere. The most glittering star in Lyra is Vega. It is the star that rules needlework, so it’s called “Orihime”, or the sewing princess. The Altair star is the brightest in Aquila and is the one that masters farming and is called“Hikoboshi”. Orihime and Hikobosh were in love with each other, but they were split up and only allowed to see each other during Tanabata […]

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03/10/2015 Travel Destinations

Let’s take a walk and refresh yourself at ”Kamado-jinja Shrine”, where love begins. (Fukuoka)

Mt. Homan has an elevation of 829.6-meters and is located between Chikushino city and Dazai-fu, in Fukuoka Prefecture. This mountain is commonly known as Mikasayama and has been the spiritual place where love begins. It’s also a part of the Kyushu nature trail where all kinds of hikers visit. In October of 2013, this was designated as a historical site following Mt. Chokaizan and Mt. Fuji.

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03/12/2015 Travel Destinations

A sacred place for matchmaking. Let’s pray at Yaegaki Shrine in Shimane Prefecture!

Yaegaki Shrine

Yaegaki Shrine is known as a sacred place to bring you good luck for romance and childbearing, and even attracts tourists for these reasons.

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09/12/2015 Travel Destinations

A great place to visit for those who want to meet that “special someone”. Kamigamo Shrine is where people have been praying 1000 years for this!


Kamigamo Shrine is also called Kamowakei-kazuchi Shrine. It enshrines the god, Kamowakei-kazuchi. Wakeikazuchi means 'young thunder' and signifies the god of thunder, who is full of youthful energy. It’s worshipped as the guardian god for thunder and the electric industry.

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