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02/05/2016 Travel Destinations

Don’t know where to visit in Matsue? Just go everywhere!


Matsue City, dubbed as both the “Land of the Gods” and “Venetia of Japan”, has such deep history and beautiful scenery that it is almost impossible to fully experience every aspect of it in a few days.
Since I never plan any of my trips, it’s sometimes hard to know which places to go, especially when there is little information about the area. So here’s a one-day plan for indecisive people like me. The national treasure, Matsue castle, wagashi, matcha, Izumo soba, and a boat ride around the Matsue castle.

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01/12/2015 Travel Destinations

You have to pass through a 40 centimeter gap to get to the mysterious, Karakama Shrine in Izumo!

Karakama Shrine

Speaking of Shimane, Izumo Taisha is the most famous, but there is also a hidden shrine called Karakama Shrine, also known as “Kankamasan” among the local people.
The word, ‘Karakama’ represents a kettle from Korea and is thought to have a strong connection to the Iron Age.

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17/09/2014 Travel Destinations

Fantastic scenery at one of Japan’s main hot springs. Catch a special moment at “Lake Kinrin”

Relax at “Yufuin”, the land of hot springs engulfed by nature. Yufuin, Oita, is a hot spring area boasting a large volume of hot spring water. So close to “Mount Yufu”, an active volcano also known as Bungo-fuji, the area is known for its beautiful scenery. From exclusive high-class inns where only a few groups can stay per day, to old-fashioned hot spring lodges and casual public baths, the area has many such buildings. You can also enjoy a walk through rich nature as well as enjoying “hot baths” in this hot spring area. Derived from the beauty of a sunset view. At any moment, its expression can transform. A […]

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