28/05/2018 Culture  Food & Drinks  Goods

Donabe, the Japanese traditional earth cookware

The interest in the Japanese aesthetics is increasing worldwide, and it’s no longer rare, for example, to see Japanese items in Western kitchens anymore. Today I’d like to introduce you to a kitchenware item that has yet to become popular outside of Japan: the donabe, or Japanese clay pot.

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19/05/2017 Goods

Keep your brushes clean! Let’s go to Japan’s 100 yen store, DAISO!

How often do you wear make-up?? I’m sure many of you wear make-up on a daily basis…but how often do you clean your make-up brushes? Today, I want to introduce my all-time-favorite product from Japan’s 100 yen store, DAISO. It’s cheap, easy to use, and effective! What to prepare. Here are some things you’ll need: 1. paper towel or towel 2. two bowls or cups 3. make-up cleaner 4. dirty brushes!!! This is optional but I usually prepare two bowls, one with the make-up cleaner and one with water. The instructions on the bottle doesn’t specify whether you need to rinse it with water or not. I think my brushes […]

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02/06/2016 Travel Destinations

Looking for Japanese cutlery? We interviewed tourists on “Tool Street”, where you’ll find a complete selection of cooking utensils!


There are more than 170 shops that sell tableware, machines for making snacks, signage, sweets, kitchen accessories, food replicas, and many others on Kappabashi-dori, or “Tool Street”.

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01/07/2015 Goods

Experience Japan through stationery. Part 3, “Nico-Sushi Memo Blocks”

Let’s dig into the deep world of Japanese stationery! It’s unique and suitable as a souvenir.I believe that this tiny stationery has been more thought of by Japanese people and some foreigners as kind of lovable or “Kawaii,” rather than just functional tools.
This series is to peek at what’s inside Japanese people’s minds through their stationery.

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