20/05/2016 Destinations  Travel Destinations

We Interviewed foreign tourists on Ameyoko Shopping Street!


Ueno is an area with 8 famous cultural facilities including a museum and a zoo. Ameya-yokocho shopping street is located in the center of Ueno, and is famous for its wide variety of affordable merchandise. There are about 400 different types of stores for things such as food and household goods. Today, we interviewed foreign tourists in Ameyoko about their favorite places in Japan!

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02/06/2016 Destinations  Travel Destinations

Looking for Japanese cutlery? We interviewed tourists on “Tool Street”, where you’ll find a complete selection of cooking utensils!


There are more than 170 shops that sell tableware, machines for making snacks, signage, sweets, kitchen accessories, food replicas, and many others on Kappabashi-dori, or “Tool Street”.

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01/07/2015 Goods

Experience Japan through stationery. Part 3, “Nico-Sushi Memo Blocks”

Let’s dig into the deep world of Japanese stationery! It’s unique and suitable as a souvenir.I believe that this tiny stationery has been more thought of by Japanese people and some foreigners as kind of lovable or “Kawaii,” rather than just functional tools.
This series is to peek at what’s inside Japanese people’s minds through their stationery.

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