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29/06/2018 Araki-Cho  Food & Drinks  Tadaima Japan Original Tours  Travel Destinations

Come Along our Walking Tour and Eat Like a Local in Arakicho, Shinjuku

What would like to eat for dinner tonight? Japanese Fast Food, sushi, tempura, kushi-yaki, … Yet when specialty chefs prepare them, the dishes turn into beautiful art works. Find out about these supercalifragilisticexpialidocious meals!!

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30/06/2015 Festivals & Events

2018 Japan’s Best Festivals for July (July 1st to July 15th)

(For the second half of July click here) Fri, 13th July to Sun, 15th July, 2018: “Amagi Gion Yamakasa” in Asakura city, Fukuoka Prefecture. “Amagi Gion Yamakasa” is a summer festival that’s been held for over 300 years at the Suga Shrine in Asakura city, Fukuoka Prefecture. During the old days, there was an epidemic and people built Mikoshi, transferred a sacred enshrined object to them, and paraded them through the street. This is the origin of this festival. During this festival, two 3-meter tall,“Hikiyamakasa” are paraded around the town. “Oiyama” is the main focus during the parade. ●Amagi Gion Yamakasa Place: Suga Shrine Address: 873-5 Asakura city Amagi Access:15 […]

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12/05/2017 Festivals & Events  Travel Destinations

2018 Best Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo!

Have you made your summer plans yet? It’s never too early to start planning, especially if you want to attend a fireworks festival!
In this article, I will recommend the hottest festivals in Tokyo for 2018 along with their schedules.

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25/05/2018 Araki-Cho  Culture  Festivals & Events  Seasonal  Shinto

Join us and have fun at Suga Shrine Grand Festival !

Tadaima Japan is offering a free guided tour of Suga Shrine Grand Festival! Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Japanese people, eat great food, feel the beat of the taiko drums, and ask us all the questions you’d like!

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20/01/2017 Culture  Festivals & Events  Workshop

Let’s go for a walk wearing a new style of Kimono!

The kimono wearing experience is very popular among foreign tourists.
Even in Japan, there are very few people who wear kimono on a regular basis.
When we wear a kimono, the scenery around us looks different. It’s fun to experience this special atmosphere.
If you want a different kind of Kimono wearing experience, try the Kimono dressing service by Ms. Michael Yui!
Ms. Michael Yui Maejima’s specialty is called “out-there”, and coordinates a combination of kimono and clothes, hats, and accessories.
If you want to walk around in a stylish kimono that gets attention, try her kimono dressing service!

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10/10/2016 Culture  Food & Drinks  Travel Destinations

A half day walk-and-eat tour in the Sumo town of Ryogoku! Don’t miss the historical sites, museums, and foodie destinations. Vol. 1

Do you know the traditional Japanese sport of Sumo? Ryogoku is famous for Sumo, because there have been many sumo stables located here since ancient times. Excluding sumo, we don’t know much about the history and places to go in this town.
There are a lot of historic sites and buildings from Japan’s Edo era in Ryogoku.
I’ll show you some must-go-places such as museums, sumo-related-facilities, and local snack shops.
Let’s stroll around Ryogoku in half a day, you might even come across sumo wrestlers on the street!

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20/04/2017 Food & Drinks  Goods  Travel Destinations

Kichijoji 1 Day Itinerary The best way to spend your day in Kichijoji!

Kichijoji has always been a popular place to visit in Tokyo.
It is conveniently close to two major stations in Tokyo and it only takes 15 minutes from Shinjuku station and 20 minutes from Shibuya station. After spending a day in Kichijoji, we wanted to share our itinerary with you. This is just our suggestion and we hope it’ll help you plan your trip!

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