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2019.09.17 NEW
Thés du Japon: Let a Sommelier Help You Choose Your Japanese Tea
I first met Florent Wengue 12 years ago through a mutual friend. He had moved to Tokyo from France a few years before, and was working as a French tea
2019.09.13 NEW
What We Wish We Had Known Before Moving to Japan: A Tadaima Japan Roundtable Discussion
In this roundtable discussion, we look back on our past in Japan to help you plan ahead for your future. Moving to a new country on a whim can be fun
Escaping to the Edge of Tokyo on the Tamako Cycling Road
Living on the west side of Tokyo is affordable and convenient, especially if you live near Shinjuku. However, I often lament the lack of cycling infra
Three Perspectives on Learning Japanese: A Tadaima Japan Roundtable Discussion
As three authors from three different countries, we all share one common thread. We’ve all achieved a working knowledge of Japanese, and each of us ha
Flying a Drone in Tokyo - Is It OK?
So you have a drone, or you are thinking of buying one, and you are wondering where you can fly it in Tokyo, or other places in Japan, without getting
Your First Day in Japan: The Ultimate Arrival Survival Guide
With the 2019 Rugby World Cup right around the corner and the Olympic Games in the summer of 2020, a record number of first-time visitors will be trav
teamLab Planets: Immerse Yourself in Digital Art
After the international success of teamLab Borderless, it didn’t take long for the teamLab group to create a follow-up exhibition, teamLab Planets. At
JR East Japan Station Work: Your Office on the Go
Although Japan's population continues to decline, the same cannot be said about Tokyo. Despite the government's best efforts, the nation's economy is

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