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2018.10.19 NEW
What to do in Tokyo this week? 【HALLOWEEN SPECIAL】 (October 22nd- October 28th)
This week, check out our three recommended Halloween events and more!
2018.10.19 NEW
How to Spend a Weekend in Kyoto: An Efficient Two-Day Itinerary
With its deep, rich history and thousands of temples and shrines, a visit to Kyoto is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. I've had the pleasure of
2018.10.15 NEW
”Tsuruga Castle”, the Impregnable Castle That Withstood Enemy Attacks for One Month
The Symbol of Aizu-Wakamatsu Since 1384 Tsuruga Castle, originally built in 1384, towers over Aizu-Wakamatsu city, in the heart of Fukushima Pref
What to do in Tokyo this week? (October 15th- October 21th)
This week you have the choice between meeting robots, experiencing tea ceremony, eating vegan food or going to the magical Kawagoe festival.
Yotsuya Mensho Suzy House - Shinjuku Tsukemen restaurant [UPDATE]
A few months ago I wrote about Yotsuya Mensho Suzy House, a very unusual tsukemen, or dipping noodle, store in Shinjuku, that serves slices of lemon w
Discover Saihoji: The Ancient Moss Temple of Kyoto
It is said that Kyoto is home to thousands of  temples and shrines. You've probably already heard of the most famous ones: Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavil
What to do in Tokyo this week? (October 8th- October 14th)
This week, parade dressed as a cat, bar-hop Tokyo's secret gourmet town, get thrilled by horseriding archers or taste the prodcuts of the Japanese har
Don't be afraid to step inside the bars anymore at Shinjuku's Golden Gai Autumn Festival!
Golden Gai has become famous among tourists during the last few years, but the area remains intimidating in many ways. Most people take pictures of th

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