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2020.01.17 NEW
Japan Origin Stories: How, When, and Why We Came to Japan
With a combined experience of nearly 35 years living and working in Japan, Amelie, David, and I figured it was high time we had a roundtable discussio
2020.01.14 NEW
The 5 Most Effective Flash Card Programs for Learning Japanese
Everyone who studies Japanese uses different methods, techniques, and tools to achieve mastery. However, ask around, and you'll find that most learner
Experience the Outdoors with Kanto Adventures
A few years ago, I got interested in winter mountaineering, so a friend of mine recommended Kanto Adventures, an outdoor experience adventure company
Three Days in Kamiyama, Tokushima: A Rural Revitalization Success Story
Ryuji Nakayama is a man on a mission. After toiling away for 21 years as one of Japan’s salarymen, Nakayama-san found himself captivated by the alluri
Try New Year Food at the Tadaima Japan Shinjuku Ryokan
Stay at the Tadaima Japan Shinjuku Ryokan for the New Year and enjoy some seasonal food options.
Join us for a Green Tea Party on December 24th!
What about participating to a green tea activity on December 24th?
A Conbini Lunch on the Go: A Tadaima Japan Roundtable Discussion
Japanese convenience stores, known locally as “conbinis,” are legendary for their amazing selection of tasty treats. Conbinis are an obvious choice wh
Rikugien: Experiencing History and Tradition under the Autumn Leaves
Rikugien is one of nine Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Heritage Gardens and one of the most popular spots in the city to enjoy Japan’s famed autumn color

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