Ashiyu Yutabi(Niigata Pref.)

Let’s Restore Our Vitality

Ashiyu allows visitors to enjoy a hot spring bath without removing all of their clothing. During this bath, visitors are clothed from the knees up and soak their lower legs and feet in a shallow hot spring bath. This activity is beneficial for relieving pain in the lower legs and feet, especially after a long day of walking or standing for long periods of time.
It also is known to relax the rest of the body by transferring the bath heat from the lower legs via blood circulation. Visitors are asked to remove their shoes and socks, roll up their lower pant legs, and have a towel ready when finished. Ashiyu are commonly found in and around hot spring baths, train stations, parks, and beachside areas. People enjoy this Ashiyu because of its convenience and beautiful scenery. If you find an Ashiyu and are exhausted after a long day of sight seeing, please give it a try, you might be surprised how much better you feel afterwards.

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Tsumagoi-huneno-yu(Ishikawa Pref.)


Ashiyu Yutabi(Niigata Pref.)


1-1,hibari,wakura-cho,nanao-city,Ishikawa Pref.

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