Flowers blooming in hot water Yubatake

Located in the northwestern part of Gunma prefecture is a famous onsen (hot spring bath) called Kusatsu Onsen. Kusatsu city is easily accessible from Tokyo and is also famous for its highlands.

The Yubatake or, “hot water field” is one of the largest hot springs in the city providing 4000 liters of geothermal heated groundwater every minute. Its temperature is regulated through a system of wooden boxes that knead or bash (yumomi) the water in order to dissipate heat.

The water is then transferred to several smaller hot spring baths close to the Yubatake for visitor enjoyment. A traditional custom at the Yubatake is the famous Yumomi ceremony, in which the Kusatsu song is sung in Japanese while women stir the water with long planks of wood. This ceremonial experience is found at one of the hot spring baths just adjacent to the Yubatake.

The Yubatake exhibits steam and the smell of sulfur as well as a fantastic atmosphere during the evening.

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