【SUMMER】Summer’s here and it’s time for beer! Welcome to beer gardens in Japan.

Let’s have a nice cold beer to beat the summer heat.


How about some beers to keep you cool in this hot and humid weather?

There are many traditions in Japan, but one in particular that stands out in the summer are the beer gardens! Of course, beer is enjoyed year-round in Japan, but especially in the hot summers, an ice-cold beer after a long day is the perfect way to relax and refresh!

恵比寿麦酒祭 by yto


Beer gardens are primarily held on the rooftops of department stores or in parks where a slight cold breeze can be enjoyed. Large mugs filled with a well-balanced mixture of beer and foam are served one after the other. Beer gardens are a popular pleasure and often has a great mood created by the surrounding paper lanterns.

大通り丸ごと巨大ビアガーデン! by dropcontrol


The standard beer garden will have a set price for all-you-can-drink with appetizers or light snacks. It’s perfect for those who would like to focus on drinking instead of eating! Lately, a variety of beer gardens have appeared around Japan, from girl’s night plans to grand hotel packages to forest-themed beer gardens. You will definitely find one that suits your taste!


On a hot summer night, try drinking a frosty brew and exhale! Life is great and we should celebrate everyday like it’s our last!
【writer Aquico】

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