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What’s the story behind Doai Station?

Have you heard about Doai station in Mount Tanigawa located in Gunma prefecture?
Doai station is on Japan Railway Company’s Joetsu line and is an unmanned train station.
The stations south platform feeding the city of Takasaki is a typical train station but, the north station feeding the city of Nagaoka is located 70 meters below the mountain top in an underground tunnel.
The station is nicked named “the mole station” for the obvious reason and in order to get there, one must walk down a corridor 143 meters and afterwards take a staircase down another 462 steps. This journey to the ‘bottom of the earth’ takes a minimum of 10 minutes even though the train station is still located 583 meters above sea level. The station looks more like an underground shelter than a normal train station.
Many people use the underground walkway as a warm up to actually climbing the mountains outside hiking paths and once they reach the top the feel like they’re standing on top of the mountain.

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218-2,Yubiso, Minakami-machi, Tonegun, Gunma Pref.

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