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Since Japan’s Edo period (about 400 years ago), Osaka has been called “The Nations Kitchen,” because it played a big role in the development of Japan’s food culture.
The Dotonbori area lies in the center of the city and is famous for it’s eccentric atmosphere, stunning illuminated signage, and it’s delicious and cheap food.
Have you ever seen the large moving crab or the blowfish signs? Along with these two signs, the Glico and various 3D signs all together say, “This is Osaka!”
The Dotonbori area provides excellent dining experiences all with very reasonable prices and are very delicious! Please don’t hesitate to negotiate a cheaper price for your meal because it is very common here.
Osaka’s other nickname is Kuidaore, which refers to the act of “restaurant hopping” and overindulging in food and drink so, please enjoy yourself carefully!

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1,Doutonbori,Chuoh-ku,Oosaka-city,Oosaka Pref.

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