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Toyouke Daijingū(Gekū),” where “Toyouke no ōmikami,” the goddess of agriculture and industry, is enshrined.

Ise Jingū is located in the city of Ise in Mie Prefecture.
Ise Jingū is made up of two main shrines, the Naikū(Inner Shrine), which houses Amaterasu-ōmikami, and the GekūIOuter Shrine), which enshrines Toyouke no ōmikami.
The proper way to visit Ise Jingū is to pay worship at both shrines.
First, we will introduce the Gekū. The deity enshrined here, Toyouke no ōmikami, is the guardian of industry, who provides not only the blessings of rice, but also of food, clothing, and shelter.
The method of worship is much the same for both the Gekū and Naikū. First, visit the main shrine for each, where the respective deities are enshrined.
The middle portion of the approach to the shrine is reserved as passage for the deities, so walk on the edges.
Before passing underneath the torii gate, offer a light bow.
The chōzuya is the place for a ritual cleansing of the hands and mouth with water. The procedure is a bit complicated.
• Holding the ladle in your right hand, retrieve 1 scoop of water.
• Pour some water onto your left hand to cleanse it.
• Switch the ladle to your left hand, and purify your right hand by pouring water onto it.
• Switch the ladle back to your right hand, pour some water into your left hand, then transfer the water from your hand to your mouth to rinse it.
• Cleanse your left hand once more.
• Finally, return the ladle to its vertical position, and cleanse the handle by splashing water onto it.
Can you remember all these steps?
After the worship procedure, we will meet again at the Naikū section.

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