Kabira Bay
Kabira Bay

These are gradations of emerald green, so beautiful they will take your breath away.

Kabira Bay is famous as perhaps the most beautiful tourist spot in Ishigaki Island.
As it has been profiled on many tourism magazines and websites, you may have seen pictures of it, but the real Kabira Bay is much more beautiful than any photo can possibly represent.

Viewing Kabira Bay from the park high above what has been called one of the most clearest oceans in the world is an impressive sight, but we strongly recommend taking a ride on a glass-bottomed boat.

glass-bottomed boat
glass-bottomed boat

glass-bottomed boat
glass-bottomed boat

These glass-bottomed boats are equipped with a transparent acrylic floor, giving you a great view of the many coral reefs, colorful tropical fish, and abundance of other marine life.

blueseal  ice
blueseal ice

Clarity is highest in the 2 hours before and after high tide, so we highly recommend you check out this experience.
Get to know what it might feel like to be a mermaid in the ocean.



934, Azakabira, Ishigaki-city, Okinawa pref.

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Address 934, Azakabira, Ishigaki-city, Okinawa pref.