Let’s cross the vine bridge for the thrill and beautiful scenery!

Located in the Iya Valley of Tokushima Prefecture is one of the largest and most popular suspension bridges of its kind. Made from Actinidia arguta vines, a type of kiwi vine, it’s also reinforced with steel cables but still retains its old world sway and jitter.
The floorboards are very narrow and seem as if they are weak, adding to the impression of an old world design. It’s a very exhilarating experience to cross because of the bridge itself and the beautiful river ravine 15 meters below.
The bridge has been designated as a National and Prefectural significant folk cultural asset and is rebuilt every three years. The area is very beautiful year-round but we recommend visiting in the late summer/fall season for those changing colors.
Please refrain from wearing sandals, as the experience of crossing it can be quite frightening.

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Zentoku162-2,Nishi-Iyayamamura,Miyoshi-city,Tokushima pref.

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