A summer resort area in Saitama Prefecture surrounded by nature’s beauty

Located in the northwest area of Saitama prefecture, Nagatoro city is home to the Nagatoro Valley where the northern part of the Ara River lies. This area is famous for Iwadatami, which is a term that refers to the layering of rocks on the riverbanks, and has been designated as places of scenic beauty and natural monuments. Various river activities such as down streaming, rafting, and canoeing allow the visitors to take in the beautiful sights of the Iwadatami, waterfalls, unique rock formations, and seasonal foliage.

The Chichibu Railway also passes through Nagatoro city, which allows passage for electric rail cars as well as a powerful classic steam locomotive. The SL Paleo Express, built in 1944, is a steam locomotive that runs on weekends between April and December and is a great way to take in the sights of the Ara River Gorge and the Chichibu Mountain Range.

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529-2,Nagatoro,Nagatoro-cho,Chichibu,Saitama pref.

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