minamitouhoku_01“Soma-Nomaoi festival”

Hot summer festivals in the northlands! Let’s go and enjoy festivals that will stir the soul!

“Soma-Nomaoi festival”


p class=”mgB40″>If you could have the chance to watch armored samurai dashing the plains on horseback, wouldn’t you want to see that?
The Soma Nomaoi is a wild horse chasing festival with over 1000 years of history. It was said to mark the beginnings of military exercises at the time. In the present day, over 500 warriors on horseback will re-enact the Warring States era in this heroic and beautiful festival.
Schedule: July 26th to July 28th, 2014

Tadaima Japan will be covering these events for the year 2014 and will report back later on it.

“Yamagata Hanagasa Festival”


p class=”mgB40″>Led by flamboyant parade floats, dancers in vivid peach-colored costumes and safflower-decorated bamboo hats parade down the main streets of the city. Over 10,000 dancers will emblazon the summer nights of Yamagata.
Why not join them in their energetic shouts of “yasho, makasho!”
Schedule: August 5th to August 7th, 2014

“Sendai Tanabata Festival”

Tanabata(Festival of the Weaver) is an ancient stargazing festival tradition in Japan. Perhaps the most famous is the Sendai Tanabata Festival.
With approximately 3000 Tanabata ornaments decorating the shopping districts of Sendai City, the entire town is awash in Tanabata colors.
These Tanabata ornaments, large kusudamas(decorative paper balls) attached to streamers, are entirely made of paper. The streamers are made from traditional Japanese paper, with very delicate and beautiful designs that will not fail to hold your interest.
Schedule: August 6th to August 8th, 2014

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minamitouhoku_02“Yamagata Hanagasa Festival”

minamitouhoku_03“Sendai Tanabata Festival”

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