I recently visited “ART AQUARIUM”, where live goldfish dance about artistically within a world of light and images!

2017-04-21   Festivals & Events, Tokyo,

This is underwater art through which you can cool off and experience the beauty of Japan with all five senses.

For over 400 years goldfish have attracted popularity in Japan as an ornamental fish. They are especially popular as a symbol of summer.
The goldfish are now featured in a brand new kind of art display at the ART AQUARIUM Exhibit, marking its fourth run this year. This truly innovative underwater display with 5,000 goldfish features LED lights and projection mapping to create a fantastic world within a Japanese-themed aquarium.
You will never tire of exploring this exhibit, as the displays are beautiful to see from every angle.
You may find yourself scrambling to take picture after picture but, give that hand a rest and allow yourself to fully enjoy the exhibit with your own eyes!
You are sure to become drawn into the world of goldfish.

■ECO EDO Nihonbashi ART AQUARIUM 2014 ~Edo Coolness of Kingyo~
Location: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Coredo Muromachi 5th Floor (Entrance on 4th Floor)
Exhibit Dates: July 11st(Fri)~September 23rd(Tue)11:00~23:30 (Last admission 23:00)
Exhibit Hours: Art Aquarium 11:00~19:00
      Night Aquarium 19:00~23:30
Admission Fee: At the door (tax included):Adults: ¥1,000; Children, elementary school-aged or under: ¥600; Children, age 3 and under: Free









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