You can buy that at a convenience store?! It’s just like the food at a fancy restaurant. Desserts made by pâtissiers! Specialist coffee!

What do you buy from the convenience store? I always buy food. More than anything else, Japanese convenience stores stock a huge range of delicious items. Can you believe that food from a convenience store tastes this good?
My biggest recommendation is the bread. There is so much choice and it’s all fluffy and tasty. The salad looks fresh, as if it has just been taken from the field. The boxed lunches are particularly well put together. They have seasonal menus, pasta made by famous chefs, and lunches voted most popular in various contests. Japanese convenience stores are not just convenient. They sell delicious food that rivals that of even high-quality restaurants.
Also, more recently, they have started selling basic drip-filter coffee. It’s amazing that you can just pick up your coffee at a nearby convenience store, rather than from a café. And while you are there, why not get some dessert? Convenience store desserts are made by professional pâtissiers.
If I could take anything back to my country from Japan, Japanese convenience stores would be at the top of my list. That’s how highly I recommend them!






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